P2 Automation: What's Exciting for Small Businesses in 2021?

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We don't need to dwell on what a challenging year 2020 was for businesses large and small. We're all ready for better days ahead. At P2 Automation, we're looking forward to exciting things we can bring to our small business clients in 2021.


CRM for Small Business

Small business owners realize that their most important asset is their customers. Cultivating, managing, and preserving customer relationships should be among your primary goals. The right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software will provide two advantages. It will automate and simplify your sales and prospect funnels while keeping you abreast of your existing customers' needs and potential.

However, not all small businesses are the same. Some out-of-the-box CRM solutions expect you to change your style to match theirs. We think your CRM should work for you, rather than the other way around. You should be able to have the customized automation you need to run your business your way.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, CRMPlus365, or P2xRM as a starting point, we can provide you with the right CRM system that fits your business exactly. Click here to find out more about CRM for your small business.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) enables your team to transform business data into actionable insights. You'll have what you need to make better-informed business decisions and work efficiently toward your goals.

BI helps you utilize sales forecasts to manage resources and inventory.  Intuitive dashboards allow you to stay ahead of trends and spot potential glitches or production shortages. Click here to find out more about Business Intelligence services for your small business.


Business Process Automation

At P2 Automation, it's not a secret that we love automation. And we're good at it. P2 helps our small business clients automate important yet repetitive tasks that are essential to success. Well-designed automation ensures that vital as well as routine steps never get overlooked or fall through the cracks. Automating key business processes gives you accuracy and consistency, leading you confidently toward your goals. Click here to find out more about the value of business process automation for your small business.


Mobile CRM Applications

Mobility used to be an option, but it's not so much anymore. You can still conduct all your business on-premises, but you'd really be limiting yourself. Your employees are mobile; your clients are mobile. These days everyone has mobile devices with them wherever they go. Even if you already have remote access to your business systems, wouldn't it be easier if you had a simple mobile app designed specifically for the task at hand? With a few clicks, you could access the data you need or trigger a process right from your mobile device.

P2 Automation can configure an app for you and your teams at an affordable cost. Click here to find out more about mobile CRM applications for your small business.


CRM Web Portals

Nobody likes to wait for information. Yet, small businesses may be hard-pressed to provide rapid response. A CRM web portal allows your team to share data with people outside your organization securely. Customers or vendors can log into your web portal and access information, place orders, initiate a service call, etc., at any time they like.

You can provide better service while also saving time, money, and frustration. Click here to find out more about a secure CRM Web Portal for your small business.


If all this sounds overwhelming, don't worry.  Our experts at P2 Automation can present options and help you decide how to get the best return on your investment in information technology in 2021 and beyond.

Contact us at P2 Automation to schedule a free strategy session.



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