Now get Mind Map View of your Dynamics 365 CRM Connections in a single view with latest Map My Relationships features!

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Visualization is an effective way to communicate raw data into a universally consumable form. It helps you to make informed opinions and empower you to contribute your perspective in the decision-making process.

Map My Relationshipsa Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource - is one such Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps productivity app that helps you to visualize relationships between entities or related records. By getting a mind map view of all related records in your CRM in a single view, you can make informed decisions easily without having to navigate around to get the various pieces of information together.

And now with its latest features, Map My Relationships is all set to further enhance your experience while visualizing Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps data in mind map view.

So, what are these new features and how will it benefit you?

  • Map My Connections Control– You will be able to view and manage connections in Dynamics 365 CRM app with ease.
  • Drilldown through N-level of Relationships –You can seamlessly navigate the entire CRM structure through Map My Relationships.
  • Quickly Create Related Entity Records – You can create related entity records along with activities quickly and easily.

Map My Connections Control

While ‘Map My Relationships’control focuses on visualizing relationships between entities, ‘Map My Connections’is a custom control which would focus only on managing the connections for a respective entity record. You can now easily create and update connections and manage them efficiently with the help of this newly added connection control. Once the control is configured, you will be able to see the connections in both grid as well as relationship view format (Network Style UI).

Grid View of Connections:

my connection

Relationships View of Connections:


Drilldown through N-level of Relationships

This feature will help you to drill down further through the N-level relationships of a particular entity and see its associated entity records. This is applicable for both Relationship control and Connection control. For example, consider a scenario where you being a Sales Manager want to see the associated contact connection record of a particular account in CRM along with its few other associated account records in a single view without having to navigate from one record to another. Using this approach, you will be able to drill down through the connection relationship to see its related entity records i.e., records of Account entity in this case.

Here, if you click on the contact of an account, it expands to a map of everything related to that contact as per a pre-set Configuration.

n level

Quickly Create Related Entity Records

With this latest feature, not only you can view the related records but you will be also able to quickly create a new related entity record through the relationship view.

For example, you can easily add a new Opportunity to an Account record without navigating from the relationship view. For this, you have to just click on the Opportunity entity node and it will open up a quick create form. Next, you have to input all the required details in the respective fields and save it to create the new Opportunity record.


You can see the newly added record in the relationship view once the record is created.

record created

Quite handy features, isn’t it?

With such visualization techniques at your end,you can better absorb the data and see new paths. This will help you to identify new patterns and trends that were impossible to see using tabular data.

So, wait no more! Grab this opportunity to learn more about this amazing Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps visualization app for a free trial period of 15 days.

Just one click and you can download and explore these interesting features of Map My Relationships from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

For more information or a personal demo, feel free to contact us at

Until Then – Happy Visualization!

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