5 CRM Marketing Tips to Use as Resolutions for 2021

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A new year is upon us and as tradition goes, it’s also the time to set resolutions! Start off 2021 on the right foot by implementing these CRM marketing tips for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. As a marketer, the work in a CRM is never done, but these tips will facilitate your tasks moving forward. Read on to know how to manage your contacts more effectively and facilitate reporting.

CRM marketing tips to implement for Dynamics 365 Sales in 2021

Ensure your contacts are up to date

The importance of keeping your contacts up to date can’t be understated. This is essential to make sure your contacts and clients actually receive your emails, surveys, and communications. You can facilitate this by creating a personalized view in the CRM with the columns you need. Then add a “last modified” date to filter against older contacts.

Validate your marketing lists

Take the time to review and clean up your marketing lists. This will facilitate communications and let you reach the right people more easily. A tip: create dynamic lists so they always remain up to date. Just make sure to keep your contacts updated on a regular basis!

Validate email bounces

After each email blast, validate the emails that have bounced to ensure a squeaky-clean list. Personalized views are great for this! Fully integrated to Dynamics 365, the marketing solution ClickDimensions lets you create a view to see what you need to address post-email send.

Review your reporting

Make sure you have all the proper fields to segment your lists correctly. Think about how you want to break down your contacts, clients, and prospects. Which categories or attributes are relevant to your business? These will allow you to personalize the experience you offer, increasing the chance that clients stay loyal to your firm.

Update your email templates

Make sure your email templates still match your company’s look and branding. Also take the opportunity to review the messaging and layout. Marketing trends evolve fast, and you may find that the layout or even communication style of your emails is starting to feel a little dated. Now’s a good time to spruce it all up!


Follow these CRM marketing tips to start off 2021 on the right foot. This will facilitate your marketing activities by ensuring you reach customers easily and having more impact every time. Make sure to educate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 users so that they do this automatically moving forward. Your contacts and lists will be constantly up to date for the future!

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By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing specialist in Quebec


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