Auto Scheduling, Territory Management and More Exciting Updates in your Favorite Maps Integration App for Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps December Release!

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Maplytics December Release

Prepare to become more of a fan of your favorite mapping solution within Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps with Maplytic’s December 2020 release! This release is dedicated to enhance popular features that are highly useful to the management teams.

The advancements to the features in this release will allow managers to optimize the creation of their schedules, automate their territories creation, do more with Detail Map without switching screens, and optimize their security access process!

So without further ado, let’s unpack this latest release!

Feature Upgrade #1: Advanced Auto Scheduling

With the latest Auto Scheduling feature Auto Scheduling feature, managers and admins can create an automated schedule for multiple users at once. The routes for different users will be shown in different colors on the map. They can also choose to show the routes planned for the selected days only to the required users.
Along with this multi-user scheduling convenience, managers can also consider the existing meetings of their field reps while planning as well as set other advanced preferences.

auto scheduling

Feature Upgrade #2: Auto Creation and Drafting Territories

Territory Management just got easier. This latest release allows users to automate their territory management. Users simply have to enter the required records and the regions for creating the territories, enter the number of territories to be created and run the territory operation. Maplytics will start intelligently calculating the inputs and then distribute the plotted records into the territories created and provide the desired number of balanced territories.

create territory

auto creation

Draft Territories

Couldn’t create all the territories you wanted in one go? Unsatisfied with the created territories and want to rework? Need to re-optimize territories after feedback? Whatever the reason, Maplytics can help in any situation. Users can now leave their half-completed or under-progress territories as a draft and continue on the same before finalizing and creating territories in the CRM. There are no limits on the rework process, after every rework users can choose to finalize and create the territories or simply save it again as a draft.

draft territory

Feature Upgrade #3: Detail Map Control

PowerApps Component Feature (PCF) allows users to perform actions without switching screens. The most recent release added four PCF controls and Detail Map PCF controls and Detail Map was one of them. It enabled the users to perform some of the Maplytics features like Proximity search, Route Optimisation, Categorisation, and POI on the dataset page itself without switching to any map pages.

This release takes the efficiency of Detail Map PCF Control forward and allows users to use more Maplytics feature within the Detail Map control. Users can plot multiple data sources, categorize multiple data source based on respective attributes selected, plot data By Region or By Drawing and also plot the current GPS location as the current location on the map while using the mobile.

detail map control

Feature Upgrade #4: Selective Security Access to multiple users and teams

Security is an integral factor in any organization. Maintaining a strict need-to-know and need-to-access system helps businesses maintain confidentiality and data integrity. With Maplytic’s Security Templates Maplytic’s Security Templates, managers and admins could achieve this by providing selective access of Maplytics actions to their users or teams. This feature allowed them to create a template with selective actions enabled and then assign it to the required Maplytics users.

We went a step further and added a level of efficiency to this by providing the ability to assign the template to many users or teams at once. Bulk assigning can be done by selecting multiple users or even the whole team that needs to be assigned with a template. Tracking is also easy because managers or admins can keep a track of which Maplytics features each user has access to.


This was the latest updates from the latest 2020 December release! With Automated Territory creation, Multi-user Appointment Planning, Advanced Detail Map PCF control, and bulk security templates, users can truly tap into the convenience and intelligence provided by Maplytics.

So what’s the wait? Upgrade your Maplytics version to this latest Maplytics solution to enjoy the upgraded benefits! You can also send us an email at to get a live demonstration of all the latest features.

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