New LinkedIn Sales Insights Coming in 2021

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With so much going on in the news these days (hello COVID vaccines!), you may have missed LinkedIn’s recent announcement on a pretty major upgrade to its portfolio. Come this February, the online platform is launching LinkedIn Sales Insights (LSI) to help users better identify opportunities and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the market.

In her LinkedIn Sales Blog post earlier this month, LinkedIn Vice President of Product Management Lindsey Edwards said LSI is poised to deliver “clear visibility into the size and fast-growing nature of specific departments, functions, and accounts” and give users enhanced capabilities in accurately planning their sales strategies.

Data is the foundation of every great sales process. And LinkedIn, quite frankly, is loaded with a vast amount of mostly up-to-date data points on hundreds-of-millions of global members that, in my opinion, has been underleveraged up until now.



By leveraging LinkedIn Sales Insights, Sales Ops leaders, high-performance sales teams and Lead Sales Dogs benefit from clean, reliable data and will better be able to:

  • Segment accounts more effectively
  • Leverage the data for smarter sales planning
  • Identify whitespace within a target market
  • Gain better understanding on where to focus relationship-building efforts
  • Feed CRM with real-time data from LinkedIn


The LinkedIn Sales Insights platform offers truly enhanced insight into the size and growth of targeted departments, functions, and accounts, giving users a fast track to a more streamlined sales strategy and, ultimately, a boost in revenue growth.

With the changing roles in this new business and employment paradigm, it is more important than ever to have access to the real-time, accurate data that supports your sales initiatives. I applaud LinkedIn for stepping up to the plate and taking a good hard swing at better sales books and a stronger data game.

While its true functionality is yet to be seen, I look forward to LinkedIn’s LSI launch in just a few weeks and the profound impact it may have on good, clean data and enhanced sales processes.

Click here to watch a short LSI video on LinkedIn.

By Christopher Smith, Founder & CEO of Empellor CRM.

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