Microsoft Teams Calling Provides Additional Support for a Single Source for all CRM Information

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The remote workforce is growing. This includes organizations’ sales and marketing teams, which used to relied on face-to-face interactions both in the office and in the field. To maximize the productivity of their sales and marketing teams, organizations now provide them with support in the form of centralized CRM solutions that provide full visibility into their customers and prospects, and all the tools to connect with them effectively.

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps including Dynamics 365 Sales with Microsoft Teams provide sales and marketing with the all the information and communication channels they need to feel empowered to do their job exceptionally. Microsoft Office 365 transforms the workplace with Microsoft Teams that unifies communications of all types, including calling, from one central location. 


Note: Microsoft Teams integration uses SharePoint integration at the backend. Some prerequisites may be required for the full integrated Customer Engagement experience. More information on how to get assistance can be found at the end of this article.


Microsoft Teams Calling Meeting


Microsoft Teams serves as a centralized virtual workspace and intranet hub for communication, collaboration, connectivity, and more.  Microsoft Teams allows users to call, chat, meet and collaborate virtually in one app, with all the internal, customer and prospect information they need within reach. Making calls in Teams is easy to learn and quick to adopt. It also offers extensive device support to enable calls to be made from anywhere. 


Here are just 3 of the top benefits Microsoft Teams calling provides to CRM processes 

1. Rich personal calling features

Instead of using multiple systems to look up phone numbers, dial the number, and track the history of conversations, Microsoft Teams brings all the calling capabilities to one place. Through an easy-to-navigate UI in Microsoft Teams, users have everything they need to easily make and receive calls, as well as manage their call settings, queues, devices, contacts, auto attendant, delegation, voicemail, history and reverse number lookup.  

2. Collaborative Calling and Delegation Support

Busy sales and marketing teams may need additional assistance in the form of screening calls so that they can prioritize their efforts. Teams offers collaborative calling features for any user responsible for fielding calls at the organization. A shared voicemail queue allows authorized users to listen and process voicemails. 

An especially helpful collaborative calling feature is Delegation. Users can assign their delegates based off a list of existing delegates as well as choose and add new delegates. Delegation allows users that have been assigned as a delegate to manage their delegator’s calls and access contacts, call history and voicemail. Calls can transfer to delegates first, who can put the caller on hold, transfer to the intended recipient live, or to voicemail. 



3. Multiple device support and Microsoft-certified devices 

Microsoft Teams maximizes efficiency with calling capabilities supported on multiple devices. This includes transferring calls between desktop and mobile, or adding devices. In addition to support for most devices, Microsoft has a certified portfolio of Teams devices optimized for the highest quality Teams and calling experience. This includes peripherals and room systems (e.g., headsets, speakerphones, Teams Rooms technology, webcams, etc.), desk phones and displays. 

Other benefits…

In addition to the benefits above that are more user-focused, Microsoft Teams calling also benefits IT and the organization at-large. Microsoft Teams calling streamlines management for IT through central management of user provisioning, phone number assignment, and porting existing numbers right from the Microsoft 365 Admin Console. To enable Microsoft Teams calling, organizations are offered flexible choices including cloud-based Microsoft Calling Plans, or can stay with their existing (or choose a new) telecom provider and connect via direct routing. Organizations also have the option to do both!


Whatever your choice, JourneyTEAM wants you to get the most out of your organization’s intranet system and is here to help.


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JourneyTEAM was recently awarded Microsoft US Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Media & Communications) and the Microsoft Eagle Crystal trophy as a top 5 partner for Dynamics 365 Business Central software implementations. Our team has a proven track record with successful Microsoft technology implementations. Consolidating your communication, collaboration, and productivity platform with Microsoft will provide the best support possible for your sales, marketing, and other teams, wherever they work. Let us show you how. Contact JourneyTEAM today!



Dave Bollard Chief Marketing Officer | JourneyTEAM MicrosoftArticle by: Dave Bollard - Chief Marketing Officer  | 801-436-6636

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