Document/Attachment Management limitations within Dynamics 365 and how to overcome them!

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Attachment Management limitations within Dynamics 365 and how to overcome them

Dynamics 365 CRM unlocks the abilities of organizations to do more with their data. From customer engagement to document storage and management, Dynamics 365 has got it all. However, no product is flawless in every aspect; it comes with certain limitations and roadblocks. One such limitation is related to document storage and management within Dynamics 365. When it comes to cloud storage for storing documents, Dynamics 365 only allows a single native option of SharePoint cloud storage. Moreover, this comes with a default base level quota for 10GB storage. All organizations reach the free storage limit in Dynamics 365 sooner or later and the additional costing per GB can be too cost-intensive.

Wouldn’t it be better to have the option to store and manage your documents on your choice of cloud storage? It’s possible with Attach2Dynamics, a Preferred Solution on Microsoft AppSource. Attach2Dynamics is an Inogic solution that provides native integration between CRM and multiple cloud storage like SharePoint, Dropbox, and Azure Blob Storage as shown below. Users are free to choose their connector, integrate their respective chosen Cloud Storage and then store and manage their attachments/documents in the integrated Cloud Storage seamlessly using Attach2Dynamics.

Attachment Management limitations within Dynamics 365 and how to overcome them

What more can you do with Attach2Dynamics? Along with overcoming the limitation of single cloud storage, Attach2Dynamics offers many must have features like drag and drop attachments, bulk migration of history attachments, upload, download, delete to and from SharePoint, Dropbox, Azure blob, etc. The highlight is that all these actions can be done right from within Dynamics 365 using the easy to use Attach2Dynamics UI. So let’s unpack some of these most popular features in Attach2Dynamics that allow you to make attachment storage and management easy and efficient.

Get an enhanced user experience with Drag & Drop

With Attach2Dynamics, it’s impossible to not get attached to the convenience. Attach2Dynamics unboxes with a user-friendly interface that makes copying/moving files a piece of cake. It allows users to comfortably drag and drop multiple files and folders from Dynamics 365 CRM to Dropbox, SharePoint and Azure Blob Storage. Once users have copied/moved all their required files they have the option to view all the files and folders that have been copied/moved in one glance with the help of Attach2Dynamics.

Attachment Management limitations within Dynamics 365 and how to overcome them

Do more with less effort with Bulk Migrate

Document management with Attach2Dynamics is all about efficiency and a hassle free experience. Users can use Bulk Migration Jobs to Copy/Move History Notes, Email and Sales Literature Attachments from Dynamics 365 CRM to SharePoint, Dropbox and Azure Blob Storage.

To make it easy to keep a track of the migrated files, Bulk Migration provides a detailed status on the files that are migrated. Therefore, users can easily view the migrated information. Consider a case where a user has to move their emails of last ‘n’ number of weeks from Dynamics 365 CRM to configured cloud storage, with Attach2Dynamics, bulk migration is only a single click! This makes migration straightforward and simple, allowing users to rapidly free up more space in their Dynamics 365 CRM.

Attachment Management limitations within Dynamics 365 and how to overcome them

Maintain easy control with Security Templates

Attach2Dynamics grants access to control user actions by setting necessary permissions for users. Users can Upload, Rename, Download, Email, Copy Link and Delete files from configured cloud storage if they have the necessary permission for it.

Managers can use the Security Templates feature of Attach2Dynamics to set permissions for all the user actions in configured cloud storage on the selected files and folders as shown below.

Attachment Management limitations within Dynamics 365 and how to overcome them

So here was your roadmap to overcome the limitation of the document/attachment storage and management and an alternate solution with Attach2Dynamics within Dynamics 365. If you would like to journey this roadmap with our Attach2Dynamics solution, you can head to our Website or go to Microsoft AppSource to download a FREE 15 DAYS TRIAL.

So until next time –overcome these difficult times and stay safe!

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