Better Microsoft CRM with Azure Synapse Analytics & Power BI Premium Gen 2

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Let’s be honest. The world we live in is driven by data. Presentation and efficiency matter. Using the right CRM with the best visuals and security will not only increase your revenue, but guarantee the satisfaction of your valued customers.


JourneyTEAM, a Microsoft Gold Partner, will help you get your organization ahead of this data-driven game. Microsoft announced updates with safer data storage, and smarter, faster analysis platforms. Introducing Azure Synapse Analytics and the Next Generation Power BI Premium! Below you’ll discover why you need not just one, but both in supporting your CRM.


Power BI Premium Gen 2 with Azure Microsoft JourneyTEAM


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Azure analytics and Power BI are an unparalleled combination. This duo is the optimum performance accelerator. You can reap the benefits of increased capabilities, and incredible cost-management. Using Azure and Power BI together allows you to extract maximum data and technology value for your organization. Just like it is important that your customers trust you, you need to use your data productively with Microsoft technology you trust. Read more to learn about each product. Then, see how they make the best team.


The Basics of Azure

Microsoft’s most popular cloud computing service is known as Azure. Azure gives you access to a limitless directory of:

  • Databases
  • Backups
  • Virtual machines
  • File storage
  • Services for web and mobile apps 



Azure Synapse Analytics Microsoft JourneyTEAM


The Update: Azure Synapse 

Azure Synapse Analytics is a modern, cloud based data warehouse. Now, you can build, deploy and run edge and hybrid computing apps. This developmental environment allows you to run these apps consistently across your IT ecosystem. It is also flexible regardless of the workload. Synapse Analytics offers benefits in performance, protection and price.


  • Pristine Performance - Synapse is limitless. The service unites enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics seamlessly. You can easily learn, prep, manage, and serve data. Azure Synapse has an incredible capacity so that you can, on your own terms, query data. You have the option to use either provisioned or serverless resources. 
  • Protection - Azure’s analytics are services you can trust. Expect nothing less than sound protection when it comes to data governance, compliance, and security. You can find comfort in knowing your most valuable business data is protected by the most advanced security and privacy features in the market. 
  • Cost Management - If transformative insights are what youre looking for, Azure Synapse is what you need. With analytics that produce a significant 271-percent RO, it’s the price performance undisputed leader. This means it is 94 percent cheaper and up to 14 times faster.


The Basics of Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is an easy-to-use scalable platform. This business analytics service helps you gain more profound data insight. Data analyzing is an experience to enjoy. Get impressive visual data charts, dashboards, and reports. Personalize your reports with your brand and KPIs. Connect to, and create unforgettable presentations. Everyone in your organization will love Power BI’s stunning visualizations.


Power BI Microsoft JourneyTEAM Empower


The Update: Power BI Premium Gen 2

With new Premium capacities, you can have access to all of the features of Power BI. Power BI Premium Gen 2 and its improved architecture provides you with these benefits:

  • You get free distribution and even licensing for on-premise usage. Get Premium capabilities for Non-Premium owners.
  • Analytics operations run up to 16X faster with enhanced performance – any capacity size and any time. The top speed operations will not slow down.
  • Fewer memory restrictions means you don't have to track refresh schedule spacing. Schedule refreshes and report interaction have complete separation.
  • Autoscale automatically adds 1 v-core at a time for 24-hr time periods. When idle time is detected, the v-core is removed.
  • New utilization analysis, budget planning, and metrics are reimagined. With built-in reporting you have clearly visible chargebacks and need to upgrade.


How They Work Together

Azure Synapse and Premium Gen 2 work in perfect harmony. The collaborative process is as follows: Synapse determines materialized views from collected query patterns. Then, Power BI creates the materialized views, and directs the queries. You are able to find solutions for reporting, advanced analytics, and real-time analytics with little effort exerted on your part. Let Azure Synapse and Premium Gen 2 help you business run even smoother.


Get Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI Premium Gen 2 with JourneyTEAM

JourneyTEAM will show you how to get the most out of these services along with your CRM. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner with knowledge and experience with Microsoft products. Allow us to help you make this transition. Contact us today!


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JourneyTEAM was recently awarded Microsoft US Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Media & Communications) and the Microsoft Eagle Crystal trophy as a top 5 partner for Dynamics 365 Business Central software implementations. Our team has a proven track record with successful Microsoft technology implementations and wants you to get the most out of your organization’s intranet system. Consolidating your communication, collaboration, and productivity platform with Microsoft will save time and money for your organization. Contact JourneyTEAM today!



Dave Bollard Chief Marketing Officer | JourneyTEAM MicrosoftArticle by: Dave Bollard - Head of Marketing | 801-436-6636

JourneyTEAM is an award-winning consulting firm with proven technology and measurable results. They take Microsoft products; Dynamics 365, SharePoint intranet, Office 365, Azure, CRM, GP, NAV, SL, AX, and modify them to work for you. The team has expert level, Microsoft Gold certified consultants that dive deep into the dynamics of your organization and solve complex issues. They have solutions for sales, marketing, productivity, collaboration, analytics, accounting, security and more.


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