A Hybrid Marketing Automation Option for Microsoft Dynamics Users

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A hybrid marketing automation platform solution for Microsoft Dynamics merges two best-in-breed solutions to deliver outstanding performance, usability and flexibility. In this case, the emfluence Marketing Platform, a robust, mature marketing automation stack is merged with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The result is a dream solution that leverages the best of both worlds.


How they are connected.

The emfluence Marketing Platform is a SaaS platform that operates independently of third-party solutions. This means marketers can log directly into the system to create, deploy, and track multi-channel online marketing campaigns through email, landing pages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online surveys and forms. In addition, marketers can create custom workflows and track interactions across channels to better market to their customers and prospects. Through the use of standard connectors and built in APIs, the emfluence Marketing Platform can be connected to systems that support third-party connectivity. The emfluence Marketing Platform excels at creating, deploying, and tracking marketing campaigns, but it isn’t designed to be a full CRM.


The counterpart to the emfluence Marketing Platform in this hybrid solution is Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a robust and powerful solution for managing customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics excels at customizability and management of customer data but doesn’t provide the core functions that marketers demand to create, deploy, and track campaigns designed to engage with customers and prospects.


A hybrid solution leverages the advantages of both systems and creates seamless connectivity. In the case of the emfluence Marketing Platform solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the integration embeds the entire emfluence user experience into Microsoft Dynamics and allows for single sign on while consuming only a single application user license. Users never need to leave their familiar CRM environment to fully leverage the power of an advanced marketing automation platform. Staying true to the promise of a hybrid solution, users can also access the emfluence Marketing Platform directly through the standard SaaS web platform.


Within CRM, only the table structures necessary to fulfil the promise of a seamless integration are created when the solution is installed. This means very little data redundancy. In addition, it helps control consumption where appropriate. Deploying millions of emails over time can result in significant data usage. Optionally, and also staying true to the promise of a hybrid solution, CRM instances can be configured to create table structure and collect data for activity and engagement data that may be necessary for running queries, segmenting data and creating downstream actions via Flows created in Power Apps. Much of this functionality can be accomplished from within the emfluence Marketing Platform, so the optional creation of the duplicate data set becomes a business decision on how an individual organization would prefer to operate.


Organizations that leverage this hybrid solution also realize the value of a user licensing advantage. There does not need to be a one to one relationship between users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the emfluence Marketing Platform. In most cases, user-based licensing in the emfluence Marketing Platform is not part of the fee structure. That means that there can be active users of the emfluence Marketing Platform that do not need Microsoft user licenses. This can be a significant cost consideration when establishing how your Marketing team will best execute important strategies and tactics.


For years, Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers have been limited to the choice of either a completely native solution or an independent solution with loose connectivity to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With the emfluence Marketing Platform solution the best of breed worlds come together in an elegant and powerful application.


For more information or for a demo, reach out to us at here or learn more about our integration to Microsoft Dynamics here.

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