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DocuSign integration with SharePoint Security Sync for Dynamics 365 CRM

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DocuSign integration with SharePoint Security Sync for Dynamics 365 CRM

SharePoint Security Sync – one of our Preferred Apps on Microsoft AppSource – is a comprehensive solution for integrating Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps with SharePoint for document management. Now with its latest feature, SharePoint Security Sync has added yet another feather to its cap and is on the way of becoming one of the finest apps for managing and securing confidential data in SharePoint from within Dynamics 365 CRM.

So, what is this latest feature all about? (get a quick glance of the same in our teaser video)

With this new feature of SharePoint Security Sync, you can now avail the benefits of DocuSign to electronically sign Dynamics 365 CRM documents stored in SharePoint. Being a popular eSignature app, most of you would be already using DocuSign for your day-to-day business transactions. With SharePoint Security Sync and DocuSign integration, you can now make use of DocuSign features using our user-friendly UI to sign contracts/agreements stored in SharePoint sites without having to navigate from one UI to another.

Now, let’s see how you will benefit from using this feature in your day-to-day business activities.

Suppose you have both SharePoint Security Sync and DocuSign installed in your CRM. Now, to activate this feature all you have to do is to just check the field named ‘Enable DocuSign Integration’ while creating a new connector configuration in SharePoint Security Sync for your CRM.

DocuSign integration with SharePoint Security Sync for Dynamics 365 CRM

Once you have enabled this option, DocuSign button will be displayed on our user-friendly UI for your ready use. You have to just select the document and click on the ‘DocuSign’ button to sign or send the document for signature to the customers. Once you click the button, you will get the following two options – Get Signature&Sign Document.

DocuSign integration with SharePoint Security Sync for Dynamics 365 CRM

Choose either of the options and you will be then directed to the DocuSign UI where you can make use of all DocuSign features.

DocuSign integration with SharePoint Security Sync for Dynamics 365 CRM

Quite handy feature, isn’t it?

You can now culminate your daily activities pertaining to signing documents/agreements for contract renewal or closing business deals easily with just a few clicks.

No more navigating from one UI to another!

Everything is now available for you at our UI for your ready use.

So, wait no more! Grab this opportunity to download and explore this latest feature of SharePoint Security Sync from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a trial period of 15 days.

Also, have a quick glance at our popular document management app for Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps – Attach2Dynamics - which currently supports Dropbox, SharePoint, and Azure Blob Storage.

For any of your document management requirements, feel free to contact us at

Until then – Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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