How Accounting Firms can Leverage Dynamics 365 for their Operations

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While it’s mostly known as a customer relationship service (CRM) solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 does far more than that. It not only offers a range of modules to optimize your business, but it’s also flexible enough to develop industry-specific solutions. JOVACO has done this for accounting firms. The resulting solution sits on top of the standard Dynamics 365 solution, while allowing for industry-specific business rules. It also helps with the initial setup as fields standard to the accounting industry are already there without requiring additional customizations or developments.

How Dynamics 365 can help your accounting firm

Integration between Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP

Thanks to the integration between Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP, data flows freely across the entire system. The information entered in timesheets and your planning tool will be reflected in the rest of the solution in real time. A timesheet like TEDI Time and Expense ensures real-time visibility on time spent on mandates, allowing for greater visibility on an employee’s activities of the week.

Specific invoicing process

A solution specifically designed for accounting firms accelerates all processes related to invoicing as well as your invoicing cycle. Different billing options lets you meet all your clients’ criteria easily. The integrated timesheet reduces the number of manual adjustments as hours are automatically entered to the right account.

Management of accounts and groups

The CRM functionality of Dynamics 365 can be leveraged to manage your mandates, clients, and contacts. Client information is centralized and up to date, ensuring that all users can access the latest data at all times. The classic client-to-contact relationship can be taken one step further to focus on groups of accounts to facilitate management the way accounting firms are more used to doing.

Increased autonomy for associates

The solution also gives the autonomy to your associates to make their own adjustments. Fewer requests are sent to administration for modifications, reducing their workload and the risk of errors. Associates can also benefit from improved visibility on key data such as the profitability of services. This allows them to make quicker decisions and strengthen their relationship with the accounts assigned to them.

Reporting adapted to your needs

Reports designed specifically to meet the needs of the accounting industry let you improve your analytical capabilities. Review profitability by service, associate, or staff member for better visibility into the metrics you need. This lets you better analyze the health of your organization and discover new business opportunities.

Ready to implement Dynamics 365 within your accounting firm?

These are just a few ways that the Dynamics 365 platform can be adapted to meet the needs of accounting firms. By leveraging the robust features of Dynamics 365, accounting firms can optimize their operations, complete mandates more efficiently, and maximize profits. What to learn more? Read our to learn how a professional service firm can now process invoices 4 times faster or how Dynamics 365 can optimize the sales of professional services firms.

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist in Quebec for accounting firms

About JOVACO Solutions

JOVACO Solutions is a leading ERP and CRM solution provider operating in Quebec for over 35 years. As a specialist of Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions, we offer a wide range of products and services to meet all the needs of professional services firms and project-based organizations. We also offer specialized project management tools and timesheet add-ons fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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