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Maplytics mass actions

Organizations are swimming in an ocean of data! Companies rely on the state of the art software like Dynamics 356 CRM / Power Apps to organize, manage, and streamline their large amounts of data to be able to stay on a float the constant new waves of data coming in.

Maplytics is the next choice for many such organizations that realize the power of locational intelligence and adapt to the latest technologies built natively for Dynamics 365 / Power Apps. Maplytics give users the ability to geographically layout their Big Data on the map to implement and simplify geo-analysis of their CRM data. Maplytics empowers its users to perform Mass Actions that offer them the unique ability to select and perform a bulk action on all of the plotted data at once.

The great response to this feature has been validating to its effectiveness and resulted in our Preferred Solutions badge on Microsoft AppSource. To understand how it works and how you can benefit from it, let’s unpack some of the key features of Mass Actions.

Creating multiple activities with one click

When the plotted data is related to leads, opportunities, etc. it is ready for action. Managers need to schedule create appointments, schedule phone calls, assign tasks, and much more. Doing this individually for all the records becomes tedious and a waste of time. Here, Mass Actions help by allowing users to create activities in bulk! Users can create activities like Appointments, Tasks, Phone Calls, etc. using the Mass Actions Create Activities.

To do this, first, the user has to plot the records for which they want to create activities, select the activity they would like to create, and define the fields like the Activity, Subject, dates, Owner (User/Team), etc. After filling the required fields, all the activities can be created at once for the multiple plotted records.

maplytics mass action

Reaching customers in bulk by sending mass emails

Emails are communication mediums that are essential to any organization. Every company has a load of emails getting sent to their leads, customers, vendors, etc. on a daily basis. However, many organizations fall into the trap of expending unnecessary effort in sending the same emails to a group one member at a time. For example, Mass Actions slashes the email sending time to all of a company’s selected leads by sending all the emails at once using its Send Email Mass Action. This makes bulk mailing hassle-free.

Whether it’s sending a reminder email to all the clients that have an appointment scheduled, sending a follow-up email to all interested clients, sending a service-due email, or either an invitation to an event, the possibilities for usage are endless with Mass Action email!

Users can select any one of the available email templates or a new email to write their own content when sending a mass email. The recipient can also be kept as To/Cc/Bcc in the email. Bulk emails are a true time saver and this means a spike in productivity and ultimately business growth.

maplytics mass action

Data format flexibility for multiple records

Users have a powerful feature to export data from the map directly into an excel sheet. This data can be saved directly on the user’s machine to be used offline. This means that when users want to create a report of their analysis using Maplytics, they can easily do so. This opens the door for a seamless transition between geo-analysis to strategic decisions being compiled, presented, and executed.

maplytics mass action

Easily save bulk data using a single click action

Users can also save bulk records as a list for future actions. They can save a list into an existing Marketing List or create a new marketing list for the plotted records. If needed, users can even save the records as a Personal View in Dynamics CRM for quick access the next time. This allows users to select the same view or marketing list in Detail map and have the required data plotted directly on the map in a few clicks.

mass action

maplytics mass action

Adjust routes by adding bulk waypoints in seconds to your routes

Managers and field reps can use the Add to Route Mass Action to add waypoints to their routes in bulk. For example, consider some data points in a 1-mile radius from a field repslocation; they can simply make a single click on the Add To Route and add all the records plotted within that 1-mile to their routers waypoints. A maximum of 25 data points can be added to a route.

maplytics mass action

maplytics mass action

Creating single or multiple automated schedules

Creations of on-field operations have been redefined with this one. Once the required appointments or any other data which need to be met by the field reps are plotted on the map, managers can easily use the Mass Actions and create an Automated Schedule for their field reps which they can follow over a span of days. Moreover, managers also have the ability to create an Automated Schedule for multiple field reps at once.

maplytics mass action

maplytics mass actions

This was just a preview into the capabilities of Mass Actions. The full feature set has many more options. Mass Actions has proven to be the true definition of optimization in terms of its abilities to go from analysis to bulk action! Utilizing the convenience and smart grouping of records in Mass Actions, you stand to curb manual efforts by letting our software do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on the activities requiring human involvement.

If these features intrigue you about their possibilities within your organization, you can try it out with our out of the box, ready to perform, 15 days free trial from Microsoft AppSource or our Website. Alternatively, you can even opt for a free demo from our team to get a walkthrough demo by shooting a quick mail to us at crm@inogic.com.

Until the next time –Keep reading and supporting Maplytics in Masses!

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