4 Moments of Truth That Can Force a Change in a Sales Organization

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Sales Management and Sales Operations can face multiple “moments of truth” during uncertain times that might force a change.

1. New sales leadership

Sales organization must continuously reinvent themselves to meet new market expectations head on. Changes in sales leadership and changes in sales strategies are to be expected. An organization must have flexible sales systems that can adapt to these shifts in leadership and direction without re-creating the wheel.

2. Acquisition or consolidation of the sales organization

Today’s buyers have become more self-sufficient in determining if a product, service or company can solve their business problems. Sellers play a smaller role in the buying journey and need to focus on engaging at the right time, with the right information. An organization must have flexible sales systems that can conform to new sales methodologies while decreasing non-productive administrative time and effort.

3. Pressure due to flat revenue growth

When organizations talk about ‘sales transformation’ it oftentimes revolves around the premise of shifting gears from being less reactive to more proactive in their selling activities. Most sales systems can streamline the sales cycle, most can measure your pipeline against sales goals, but it’s the ones that leverage sales data to proactively surface cross-sell opportunities and identify key decision-makers that take destiny in their own hands - reducing their sales production costs and growing revenue.

4. Unproductive use of technology

To successfully implement meaningful change requires the sustained buy-in and enablement of sales managers – those with the most direct impact on the front-line sellers. Sales managers need to shield their sellers from non-selling activities and provide the tools that empower them to engage with every member of a company’s buying committee. Organizations need to leverage technology to make it easier to find “the ones” you should be connecting to.

Now is the time to look at Microsoft Dynamics 365.

 Why Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is ranked as an industry-leading Sales Force Automation solution by Forrester and Gartner for its ability to move beyond sales management to empower sellers.
  • It is the first innovator with LinkedIn offered at half the price of any other vendor in the market.
  • Microsoft is the only vendor to offer hybrid deployment options.
  • Microsoft has a complete cloud vision including infrastructure, platform, applications and data: Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an end-to-end (Lead to Cash) business application solution.
  • Provide your sellers with actionable insights like lead score and pipeline health using predictive analytics (machine learning).
  • Optimize productivity by transforming from data entry to guiding sellers people to the next best action to take with the customer.
  • Prioritize your pipeline and accelerate success with real-time analytics and predictive modeling.
  • Strengthen relationships by helping sellers be relevant with up to the moment data and insights from Office 365, LinkedIn and Dynamics 365.

Why Crowe:

Crowe is one of the largest public accounting, consulting, and technology firms in the United States. Crowe’s Microsoft practice is focused on delivering best-in-class customer engagement through industry specialized accelerators and productivity enhancing apps delivered across Business Apps (Dynamics 365), Modern Workplace (Security / Compliance), and, Data and AI (Big Data, Data Warehouse, Analytics, AI).

If your sales team is ready for a change, Crowe can help. Contact us today.

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner www.CroweCRM.com

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