The Latest Changes to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement CRM Business Solutions

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The pandemic-era has transformed how organizations’ sales and marketing teams operate in many ways. Arguably and most significantly, with the reduction of opportunities for connecting in person. Maximizing opportunities for engagement through open communication, and soliciting customer feedback at every opportunity is more important than ever before.


The latest enhancements to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) CRM business solutions reflect the needs of a growing virtual business environment. These solutions support tailored customer experiences, marketing efficiency, and sales productivity.


The Q3 Tech Insider Update hosted by JourneyTEAM previews the latest updates to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement including Microsoft Teams integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Events, SQL for Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Dataflex, and a deeper embedding of the Customer Voice survey application into Dynamics 365 and Power Platform/Dataflex.


Enhancements are broken down with rapid-fire video updates and summaries.


Microsoft Teams Live Events Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Highlights, featured in the video, include:

  • Event Management via Teams Live Events
  • Host Online or Hybrid Online/In-Person Events
  • Run a Team’s Live Event from Dynamics Marketing Event
  • Deeper Engagement Data



Instead of putting a pause on gatherings until in-person events can safely resume, many organizations are choosing to host virtual events to continue to support their CRM sales and marketing activities. The Microsoft Teams Live Events application is now integrated with Dynamics 365 for Marketing as the online meetings and events provider. This integration provides greater opportunities for interaction and tools to track engagement. Organizations can now host fully online, or hybrid online/onsite events using Teams with the Events live stream managed directly within Dynamics 365 for Marketing.


In addition to full event management in one place, this integration also provides engagement metrics beyond registration such as attendance details like joins and participation. This is outstanding data to have as the event wraps up as it allows organizations to measure the success of their events, as well as help to identify ways to improve future events.


SQL for Dynamics 365

Highlights, featured in the video, include:

  • SQL for Dynamics 365 Using Dataflex



Previously, organizations that went from Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement on-premises to the online cloud-hosted environment were unable to query the data hits, but this has changed. Currently, in preview mode, organizations can use Dataflex to connect SQL server connections to their Dynamics 365 online instance. This brings back the ability to write SQL queries against Dynamics data. Supported operations include FILTER, UNION, JOIN, COUNT, MIN, and MAX.


Customer Voice (formerly known as Voice of the Customer and Forms Pro)

  • Natively in Dynamics 365 and Dataflex
  • Deeply embedded in Dynamics 365 for Marketing


Organizations that use surveys to solicit feedback can use this valuable data alongside other key sales and marketing data to enhance and personalize the customer experience. The real-time surveying tool Customer Voice has been updated so it can run in Dynamics 365 as well as Dataflex. Using Customer Voice organizations can manage and deploy surveys including drafting questions, creating steps, conditional logic and branching, and any other survey configuration.


NOTE: When you are watching the full Tech Insider Update video, the segment on Customer Voice updates starts at 24:40.




In addition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM), the Q3 Insider Update highlighted changes to Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Power Platform Automate, Power BI and Power Apps, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP).


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