New Designer Feature Available Soon for Microsoft Word for the Web

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Microsoft has recently announced the upcoming launch of a brand-new feature for Word for the web: Designer, which will let you create polished documents directly from Word for the web. A targeted release has made the feature available for certain users already, but the standard release is planned for early November. Designer offers formatting consistency and style variety for all your documents in just a few clicks.

Word Designer

Communicate your ideas visually

A variety of themes will be available to choose from, ensuring a consistent look and feel across all your documents. Writers can simply browse from a selection of styles, and the fonts and colours will be applied to the document once they have made their choice. This lets them organize their content visually without any design skills necessary, making documents more appealing visually and improving readability.

Fix formatting inconsistencies

Designer also detects any formatting inconsistencies, which can then be fixed in just one click. You will be asked to review fixes before any changes are applied, and can then keep or undo any fixes suggested by Designer either globally or individually. It’s also possible to manually apply styles depending on your preferences easily.

Once available, the Designer feature will be available in the Home ribbon of Word for the web. Simply click Home > Designer to access its functionalities. For more information, visit the Microsoft website to find out how you can Use Designer to create more polished documents for the web.

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist in Quebec


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