7 Reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

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The importance of Marketing to your operation can’t be stressed enough. Without attracting the right attention at the right time, your business can stall.

Even with the best sales professionals and processes, you need the right tools on the Marketing side to attract high-quality leads and help convert more opportunities to sales.

There is where CRM Dynamics and Microsoft can help.

Over the last few years, Microsoft has invested a great deal of research and development to enhance its Marketing offerings. The result – Microsoft Marketing for Dynamics 365 – is a robust and powerful Marketing tool that can fully integrate with the rest of your Microsoft business software.

With Microsoft Marketing for Dynamics 365 you can:


  1. Create Dynamic Emails

With intuitive drag and drop controls, you can create engaging and effective email templates. Text, picture, button, event and other modules are available to be manipulated to meet your exact needs for each campaign or outreach – all fully customizable if required.

  1. Create Better Landing Pages and Forms

With a multitude of templates available, you can easily, quickly, and efficiently create landing pages or forms to meet any need. These pages can be used to enhance your paid advertising campaigns or to capture valuable information through your compelling gated content.

  1. Target Your Outreaches

By effectively using the search option, you can have Microsoft Marketing for Dynamics 365 create target groups to send specific messaging to. Do you have a product designed to serve clients in the construction industry? Microsoft Marketing for Dynamics 365 can help you reach them. Do you want to drill down into a very specific subsection of a vertical? The solution can help you there too!

  1. Create Effective Drip Campaigns

Not everyone is ready to buy when they reach out to you. The reality is that potential customers can contact you at all points along the customer journey. Microsoft Marketing allows you to nurture those contacts until they are ready for purchase. You can create multiple nurture campaigns that are specifically targeted to different types of leads. By tailoring Marketing campaigns to specific opportunities, you are equipping your Sales professionals with the tools they need to win more deals.

  1. Lead Scoring

Microsoft Marketing for Dynamics 365 can qualify leads based on demographic data or other data tied into a contact’s behaviour. This is expressed in an overall prospect score and it helps Sales professionals better prioritize their time and resources.

  1. Run Better Events

If you also utilize a Dynamics 365 portal, Microsoft Marketing can help you plan and run more successful events. After utilizing one of the many templates available to create a registration page, you can publicize your event and gather registrants, track expenses, and communicate to attendees throughout the process.

  1. Synergy Between Sales and Marketing 

Sales and Marketing are like Strawberries and Cream, Peanut Butter and Jelly or Sonny and Cher – OK alone, but better when working together!  Microsoft Marketing for Dynamics 365 helps support better cooperation between Marketing and Sales by easily sharing data; this allows both to better understand the customer and their role in helping foster a productive and lucrative relationship with said customer.

If you are still utilizing third party marketing software, ask yourself why? Microsoft Marketing is an all-in-one solution that easily integrates with your existing Microsoft solutions.

Give our Marketing experts a call today to learn more about how his powerful solution can help drive your business’ success.

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