Sales Process for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

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Sales Process for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM





Sales Process Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM are add-on solutions that provide best-practice based sales process and automation to the sales areas of Dynamics 365 CRM. Sales Accelerators will solve several significant challenges:

  • Improve User Adoption
  • Provide Consistency in your Sales Processes
  • Assure Best Practices are followed
  • Provide detailed sales process analysis

Our leadership team has over 17 years of experience helping businesses evaluate, plan, implement and support Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions. Often we are brought in to help with a failed implementation. We observed a key underlying reason for failure - lack of business and particularly sales process. Business process is as important if not more important than the CRM software itself however there is no pre-built, out-of-box sales process in most CRM systems including Dynamics 365 CRM. Hiring a consultant to build this needed business process into CRM is cost-prohibitive in many cases.

To solve this significant challenge our team worked with several top national sales experts to build our sales accelerators. We also incorporated input from clients of all sizes and industries over several years to assure our accelerators work out-of-box for most businesses.

Sales Accelerators are available for Lead, Opportunity and Account Management areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Sales Process for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM - Watch a Video Overview

Sales Process for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM










About the Author: David Buggy is a veteran of the CRM industry with 18 years of experience helping businesses transform by leveraging Customer Relationship Management technology. He has over 16 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 and has helped hundreds of businesses plan, implement and support CRM initiatives. To reach David or call 844.8.STRAVA (844.878.7282) To learn more about Strava Technology Group visit

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