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User Adoption

User Adoption Monitor (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource)is what you need to track, monitor and review user adoption of Dynamics 365 CRM. Be it the daily user login details or tracking user actions across CRM, User Adoption Monitor does the job seamlessly. And now with the release of three new features, it is on its way to be the must-have app for monitoring user actions within Dynamics 365 CRM.

Without further ado, let’s have a brief look into the newly released features of User Adoption Monitor.

  • Data Completeness
  • Aggregate Tracking
  • Target Tracking

Data Completeness

If you want to identify whether the respective entity records in Dynamics 365 CRM have all the attributes/necessary data that completes the record, then ‘Datacompleteness’ is the feature you are looking for. With ‘Datacompleteness’ you will have the provision to choose which of the fields from the records of selected entity need to be filled in to make sure that the record is complete. And in case if any of these defined fields are left blank, then the completeness of the record would be reflected as ‘Incomplete’ until all the specified fields have been duly filled. So now you will be able to easily ensure that all the necessary information about your customers is available within CRM.

User Adoption Monitor

Aggregate Tracking

With ‘Aggregate Tracking’ feature, you will be able to track the aggregations of respective numeric fields of the entity on which the specific user action has been defined. To understand better, let’s take an example of ‘Opportunity-win’ action. Here, you can see that with aggregate tracking you can get the SUM of the Actual Revenue of all the Opportunities won by the users for a defined period of time. In this way, you can get the aggregate value (SUM or AVG) of Budget Amount, Est. Revenue, Freight Amount, etc.

User Adoption Monitor

Target Tracking

With the help of ‘Target Tracking’ in User Adoption Monitor, you can allot and keep track of targets assigned to users in Dynamics 365 CRM. Here, you can assign the users a total number of targets or total value of targets to be achieved for given period of time. These targets can be set against the count of the respective entity actions or against the aggregate value of fields with respect to an entity action performed by the user. For example, you can set a target of winning 10 opportunities a day for each user in your organisation and then keep a track of the same. At the end of the day you can compare the performance of each user based on the targets achieved by them.

Target based on Count

User Adoption Monitor

Target based on Value

Similarly, you can set a target of winning Opportunities worth 50,000/- per day for each user and then compare how much each of them have achieved at the end of the day.

User Adoption Monitor

All these amazing new features has made User Adoption Monitor a more formidable monitoring app that will help you to keep track of various user actions effortlessly and without disturbing the everyday activities of your organization.

Get your first-hand experience of all these features by downloading and exploring User Adoption Monitor from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

For a walk through on our User Adoption Monitor email us at

Until then – Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and keep tracking!

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