Microsoft Dynamics 365 Email Engagement

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Email Engagement -Are you aware of these powerful features?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM EMail Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Email Engagement will make your email smarter.

We find that many users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM are not aware of some of the most powerful features of the system. This may be because Microsoft has been enhancing the product and adding powerful features and functionality at a break-neck pace. My company; Strava Technology Group is a top Dynamics 365 Partner helping businesses through full Dynamics 365 CRM project lifecycles, its all we do and we have trouble keeping up at times so it is no surprise that end users do as well.

A few powerful email features called Email Engagement have flown under a lot of users' radar so we wanted to provide an overview and video demo so you can begin using these powerful tools.

Dynamics 365 Email Engagement is part of the Sales Insights add-on. You can purchase Sales Insights for $50 per user/month or Dynamics 365 Sales Premium, a combined license of Sales Enterprise and Sales Insights for  $135 per user/month.

We are only covering a small portion of Sales Insights, the email engagement features.


What is Dynamics 365 Email Engagement?

Email Engagement is a suite of powerful email features that provide intelligence about emails you send to Leads & Contacts:

  • See when recipients opened your message, clicked a link, opened an attachment, or sent a reply.
  • Receive an alert right away, the first time a recipient opens your message.
  • Schedule the most effective delivery time, and receive advice for the best time based on the recipient's time zone.
  • Choose the most effective message template, with recommendations based on your organization's previous email interaction history.
  • Set an alert to remind you when it's time to follow up on an email message.
  • Review the full interaction history of a single message, or review KPIs.

See a video demo of Email Engagement

About the Author: David Buggy is a veteran of the CRM industry with 18 years of experience helping businesses transform by leveraging Customer Relationship Management technology. He has over 16 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 and has helped hundreds of businesses plan, implement and support CRM initiatives. To reach David or call 844.8.STRAVA (844.878.7282) To learn more about Strava Technology Group visit

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