1 Click to Undo changes in Bulk along with Restoring Dynamics 365 CRM Deleted Records & History Changes as well!

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Data allows organizations to make effective business plans, find resourceful insights, and much more. Hence, maintaining good and accurate data in Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps is very crucial. But what if there is a data entry error? What measures to take when an important record is deleted from the CRM environment? Dynamics 365 CRM does not allow users to undo changes in a record once it has been saved and nor it allows users to restore deleted records. With our 1 click app Click2Undo, we have brought the right solution for your business needs.

Click2Undo is a productivity app for Dynamics 365 CRM & Power Apps that enables users to undo changes done to a Dynamics 365 CRM record by restoring the record to its previous known state in a single click. From undoing the last changes made to a record or undoing the changes made to a record in the past, Click2Undo can do it without any hassle. It also enables users to restore changes to multiple records with a single click. Users can also restore deleted records if auditing for the said entity is enabled in CRM. Click2Undo works not only on OOB entities but also on Custom entities.

Let’s answer a few of the questions related to Click2Undo and its features that you may have regarding how it can benefit your business:

What unique feature does Click2Undo offer to Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps users?

As the name suggests, Click2Undo is a 1 Click app that enables users to undo changes done in a record in Dynamics 365 CRM. With the help of this feature, users can restore the record to its last known state in a single click.

Does Click2Undo allow users to restore changes done in bulk?

Yes, it does. With the help of Click2Undo, users can not only restore a single record to its last known state but can also restore multiple records in one go.

Can changes made in past be restored using Click2Undo?

With the help of the ‘History’ button, which stores the details of all the changes done to a record in the default set period of 30 days, users can restore changes done to a record in the past.

What if a record is deleted from Dynamics 365 CRM? Will Click2Undo be able to help?

When auditing is enabled for any entity, the user also has access to the list of all the records that have been deleted. Users can just click on the ‘Restore Deleted’ button, select the deleted record and restore it as per their requirement.

With all these features, Click2Undo will act as your own ‘Ctrl+z’ button within Dynamics 365 CRM & Power Apps thereby becoming a must-have application.

Wait no more and download the application for a trial period of 15 days from our website. Click2Undo is also available on Microsoft AppSource.

Watch our recently concluded webinar to know more about Click2Undo.

To know more on our 1 Click Apps to Export, Clone or Undo email us at crm@inogic.com.

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