Microsoft Dynamics Can Help You Adapt to Face the Challenges of Today’s Business World with Strength & Confidence

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Dynamics Crisis ResponseBusinesses today are facing upheaval on so many levels, from state lockdowns and closed offices, to slashed revenue and a lack of childcare for employees. It’s hard to even know which challenge to tackle first. Such challenges require innovation at the highest levels and execution that leaves nothing to chance.

Organizations are quickly seeing that the key to survival is adapting to the current situation. Previous business models and processes simply aren’t effective. It can be daunting to reinvent these models and processes but doing so is crucial for times of crisis.

In this article, we will discuss how organizations are looking to Microsoft Dynamic Partners to help them see how their business models and processes can be adapted to fit the modern world. We are confident these ideas will help you keep your business moving forward during these troubled times.

Remodel processes through automated workflows

In recent years, there has been a push for digital transformation. Still, many manual processes have remained ingrained in business cultures. These habits have been hard to let go of...until now.

Automation, through Microsoft Dynamics 365, can streamline the most complex processes to support productivity for teams working from their living rooms. Microsoft Dynamics Partners connect data and systems to bridge departmental silos and drive common business processes through workflows.

While working remote may force the need to automate processes, the outcomes can deliver benefits that will last beyond the current crisis.

Reinvent business models to respond to change

Microsoft Dynamics Partners are helping organizations across all industries find their “new normal.” Innovation is crucial for survival.

While digital transformation has already driven big changes in consumer behavior and business operations, the COVID-19 crisis forces a whole new level of change for many organizations. As in-person activities are restricted, the digital world can fill the void to connect, educate, and sell.

Regarding this topic, Dynamics 365 Partner, BroadPoint Technologies Inc., gave this helpful tip:

“A key component of ALL successful implementations (and especially remote ones) is to work with your partner and establish a “communication rhythm”. Identify regular and consistent times for reviewing:

  • Budget, status, and risks
  • Demos of the system during construction
  • Status updates to your key stakeholders (power users, corporate leadership, steering committees)”

During times of uncertainty, innovation is crucial to survival. Microsoft Dynamics Partners are here to help your business adapt to a “new normal,” that for most of us feels anything but normal. It may be daunting to reinvent your business models and processes, but you are not alone. Many others have been able to stay afloat by using the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and so can you.

Would you like to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your business? Read the full whitepaper at “9 Creative Ways Microsoft Dynamics is Helping Businesses Pivot During Crisis”. 17 Microsoft Dynamics ERP experts have collaborated to provide insights directly from the field.

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