Manage Subscriptions and Licenses within Dynamics 365 CRM like a pro!

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Manage Subscriptions and Licenses within Dynamics 365 CRM

Automation capability in software enhances the accuracy and ensures that maximum time is saved. Users working on Dynamics 365 CRM have a wide scope of automation to expedite the process. In Dynamics 365 for Sales, there is a process of creation of invoices. If these invoices are created manually each time it is required, one can only imagine the time it would cost. Here, we want to ask you do you also need to create recurring invoices at regular intervals, if yes, then you are at the right place.

We would like to introduce you to our app Subscription and Recurring Billing Management that is designed exclusively for Software Publishers and Value Added Resellers using the software as a service model. It manages flexible billing schedules, penalty schedules, payment reminders, margin schedules, and product licensing. It takes care of whether an invoice should be created, when it should be created, how often it should be created, and what value should be there on the invoice.

Let us delve deeper and understand the app with the help of a use case.

Sam, a sales rep creates invoices for her end customers. She needs to create recurring invoices and send payment reminders and apply penalties in case of overdue invoices. For this Sarah turns to Subscription and Recurring Billing Management to make the task seamless. She at first creates a Reminder Schedule which is used to send reminders to her customers and associates Reminder Rules to it. This ensures when the reminder will be sent to the customers. Her agenda is to send reminders to the customer 30 days before the invoice is due so she creates a Reminder Rule for the same. Sam defines the functional role to which the reminder is to be sent using a selected email template.

Manage Subscriptions and Licenses

After creating the Reminder Schedule she needs to define the penalty on the overdue invoices. She creates a Penalty Schedule for the invoices overdue 30 days and levies a penalty of 2 percent on it.

Manage Subscriptions and Licenses

As soon the Penalty Schedule is created Sam needs to define the margin for resellers who are associated. According to the terms and conditions, the resellers are paid a margin of 10 percent so a Margin Schedule is created for the same. For this, first, a Margin Group is associated with the Product and Customer and then it is added to the Margin Schedule. Margin Schedule serves the purpose of adding a margin for the resellers while calculating Invoices.

Manage Subscriptions and Licenses

After the Margin Schedule is set Sam needs to define the Billing Schedule using which the invoices will be sent to the customers along with reminders, penalty, and margins. In the Billing Schedule, she defines billing frequency, when to generate invoices, how many invoices should be generated, Reminder Schedule, and Default Penalty Schedule.

Manage Subscriptions and Licenses

With the Billing Schedule the Invoice will either be created on-demand or by automation of the process. In the Billing Schedule, Billing Lines are defined against which the Invoices are billed. Also, the Product Platform, Product Version, and Product Series are defined to identify which products platform, version, and series are being billed for.

Manage Subscriptions and Licenses

As the Billing Schedule is defined Sam can easily create Invoices for her purpose. She runs an on-demand workflow that creates Invoices for her purpose, the same can be automated. Therefore by using Subscription and Recurring Billing Management Sarah is able to generate Invoices for her customers automatically and save a plethora of time to be used in other constructive tasks.

If you also need to send payment reminders, create margin schedules, set flexible billing schedules, define penalties, product licensing, and create recurring invoices for your organization, all you need to do is explore our app for a free trial of 15 days from our website.

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Happy Invoicing and Stay Safe!

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