What does CPQ actually look/work like in Dynamics?

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Over-promise, under-deliver. Vaporware. Pie in the sky.

People selling business technology, especially in the initial “generating interest” stages, tend to write all kinds of checks that their posteriors can’t cash.

Case in point: when they talk about what “integrates seamlessly” with Dynamics, and “expedites workflows,” and “optimizes throughput” within your CRM solution.

We’re a CPQ ISV and we’ll be blunt: CPQ does NOT mean a 100% automated sales proposal process: it’s not one button you push and you’re done, it’s not “set it and forget it.”

You still have to build a quote for each customer. You still have to track each quote you send. And you (or your CPQ vendor) still have to do some work on the front-end to ensure you’re using the right templates, have products/pricing properly configured, discounts structured, etc.

But CPQ does help you make professional quotes faster and cleaner. And optimize pricing. And improve closing rates.

And while we can talk about it all day: it’s time to show you. View a “walkthrough” of how iQuoteXpress (IQX), a SSO solution, works in Dynamics: https://www.iquotexpress.com/dynamics-integration

A word to the wise Dynamics partner

If you’re not currently offering CPQ as a value-add — especially to your CRM users, your D365 Sales and D365 Field Service customers — it’s time to take a closer look at the benefits your customers will realize.

Because adding CPQ is rarely seen by the end-user as another vague “seamless integration” that “maximizes efficiency.” It’s usually an “ah-hah!” moment for anyone who has ever tried to build, send, and track a sales quote.

The sales proposal templates are immediately understood as beneficial: targeted look and feel, easy way to brand-build, and a great way to build professional quotes quickly. As are the product and pricing configuration engine, and sales quote tracking tools: ensure you’re always presenting your best “bundles” and tracking more than just whether a quote was sent.

And then there’s the financial benefits your customers will soon realize (and thank you for): For Dynamics users who create and send sales quotes, adding IQX to CRM can help them save as much as 70% on processing times and costs.

If you’ve read this far, great: we thank you. But we really hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to see how CPQ works in Dynamics, because that’s way more important than anything we could say in any blog post.

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