Store and Manage Dynamics 365 CRM documents in SharePoint in native folder hierarchy structure with the latest Attach2Dynamics feature

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Now-a-days, everybody stores data in cloud. With its ease of accessibility and n number of features, cloud storage has become the rage. And specifically, for Dynamics 365 CRM users, SharePoint has become the best place to store and manage documents/attachments. But storing data doesn’t mean to dump all the data in SharePoint. To get information quickly and easily, data should be stored in a systematic way. This is possible with the latest feature of one of our  Preferred Solution on Microsoft AppSourceAttach2Dynamics.

So, what is this feature that would make document/attachment management in SharePoint handy and worthwhile.

Store documents/attachments on the basis of Hierarchy in SharePoint

With this latest feature of Attach2Dynamics you will be able to store your Dynamics 365 CRM documents/attachments on the basis of hierarchy in SharePoint. For example, suppose you want to store documents of Opportunity entity in your SharePoint site on the basis of hierarchy. To achieve this, first you have to enable document management for Opportunity entity. Then you will have to select a folder structure based on either ‘Account’ or ‘Contact’ entity. Once it is done, the next step is Entity Configuration. Here, along with other fields you will have to populate the additional ‘Folder Structure Field’ and save it. Now, all you have to do is to go to any record in Opportunity entity, move/copy attachments or click on the Attach2Dynamics button to directly upload files to SharePoint.

Store and Manage Dynamics 365 CRM documents

Once the document is uploaded, it is stored as per the following hierarchy structure in your SharePoint site (if the folder structure enabled is based on Account) i.e. Account > Account Name_guid > Opportunity > Opportunity Name_guid.

Store and Manage Dynamics 365 CRM documents

Quite a handy feature for all those who want a seamless document management system to easily store and manage data in Dynamics 365 CRM & PowerApps.

So, don’t wait! Find out for yourself more about this feature by downloading the latest Attach2Dynamics solution from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

You can also explore our very own SharePoint Security Sync which has all the goodness of Attach2Dynamics and more!

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Until then, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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