Selecting the Best CRM Software

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Customer Relationship Systems, or CRM, are steady growing in popularity and viewed more and more as an essential tool for businesses.  There has been significant growth in cloud based CRM systems as these systems become much more robust, flexible, efficient and also cost effective. Selecting the best CRM Software for your business can certainly be a challenging process.   Your CRM Software Selection process should begin by understanding the capabilities and potential of these systems along with what is most important for your particular company needs.

Why CRM?

Customer relationship management solutions are essentially software systems that a business can use to increase sales, stay in contact with your current customers, and to be make sure that no opportunity is missed.  CRM systems are a place to store and record all prospect and customer interactions in one place. Forward-looking companies realize that in our data-focused business environment, it is imperative to have some sort of system to make sure that every account, lead, and prospect are properly managed efficiently with the necessary follow up procedures. It's not uncommon for some companies to have thousands of records to try to manage. Without some sort of system of prioritizing the most important follow up activities, a business runs the risk of losing opportunities and customers. CRM technology goes beyond, though, just account management.  More advanced systems have functionality such as marketing, automation and even artificial intelligence.

Ease of Use:

As part of a CRM selection process, it is  critical that in any CRM solution contain practical functionality that allows employees to be much more productive in managing account records.  These records should provide more in-depth insights into performance and client history.  Some of your employees may not be software experts and therefore makes it absolutely essential that your CRM should be as user-friendly as possible. A robust CRM solution should have an intuitive design and interface so the employees can learn the system quickly and start using them easily.


Seamless integration is one of the must-have features in any CRM software. The software you choose for your business needs to be easily integrated with the other tools used in your company like Outlook, MS Office, your accounting/ERP system, etc. Look for a CRM that integrates with the business software already in use today at your business.

Sales Management:

It goes without saying that sales management functionality should be an intricate part of any CRM solution. Interesting to note, we have ranked the top sales features based on feedback from real users. The 10 are:

  • Lead/Prospect Management
  • Sales Opportunity Management & Forecasting
  • Account & Contact Management
  • Activity Management
  • Guided business processes for Lead-Opportunity-Account management
  • Document Management built-in
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Mobile app
  • Graphical dashboards with drill-down capabilities
  • Easy to use

All of these areas of CRM functionality are important, however, the ability to have a user friendly, integrated and full-featured lead and sales opportunity management capabilities to ensure future revenue for your company is paramount.

Steps for Selecting the Best CRM Software :

When selecting the Best CRM Software for your company, we have assembled key areas to evaluate.  The below steps are critical for a successful CRM implementation project:

  • Proper Requirements Analysis. Knowing the capabilities of the CRM system you are considering along with the "must-have" and essential business functionality to be matched with.
  • Upfront Planning to assure key steps in the project are managed well (user acceptance testing, training, support, etc.).
  • Keep the Phase 1 Scope Manageable. Remember, users can only adopt so much at one time. You should focus on a few priority items in phase 1 that provide value to the users.
  • Proper Training – Parenting with a trusted company that can help you be successful.
  • Adequate Support at go-live and programs for follow up support as required.

Contact us to learn more about different CRM systems and how to compare the best ones for your company.  At iCepts Technology Group, we provide both:

Microsoft 365 for Sales (Microsoft CRM) and


Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc a a CRM Software Provider in Pennsylvania.

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