Optimize Your Sales Funnel with Dynamics 365 and Real-Time Dashboards

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How do you judge the success of your sales pipeline? You look at the results. If you are becoming adept at identifying prospective clients and consistently translating your contacts with them into sales, you must be doing something right.

An integrated, full-service sales and marketing solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement has the tools you need to help you achieve consistently positive results. With more visibility into your prospects and your processes, you can fine-tune your sales funnel and boost your conversion rate.

The science of sales and marketing

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s easier than ever to gain visibility into your marketing processes. You can discover exactly who visited your website and downloaded whitepapers. You can tell who clicked on articles you offered in emails. Gathering and utilizing information lets you know how effective your marketing campaigns are, and allows you to see where improvements might be made as leads move through your sales pipeline.

How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement help you track your funnel and improve your marketing?

Customized dashboards

Modern customized CRM dashboards in Dynamics 365 make it possible for everyone on your team to have real-time information about every single lead reached by your marketing content. Dashboards customized for each user will contain helpful, engaging visuals that are relevant to their role in the sales process.

A dashboard can show leads as they enter each part of the sales pipeline. For instance, a prospect downloading a whitepaper can trigger an event in your Dynamics 365/CRM that places them at the top of your sales funnel. In that case, everyone on your team can see that new lead and know how they should proceed with the next steps.

The most relevant metrics

Your Dynamics 365 tools allow your team to track the most useful metrics. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know the average time it takes for each lead to become a sale, the average attrition rate of leads over time, and the conversion rates of various marketing campaigns?

Automated dashboards based on performance metrics make it easier for everyone on the team to recognize trends, successes, and failures in your marketing and sales strategies. Armed with that information, all can adjust their approach and focus their efforts where they’ll do the most good.

Tracking goals

Weekly or even daily sales goals are much more useful than general goals or even monthly goals.  Each of your team members should have daily goals and a way to measure their progress.  Management can set weekly or even daily goals for each sales team member, and progress towards those goals can be shown on their individual dashboards. For example, you might set weekly goals for each of your team members to move ten leads from the middle of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel. They could place phone calls, send personalized emails, or initiate other forms of contact for each lead.

If the end of the week rolls around and one of your team members hasn’t helped bump a single lead to the bottom of the funnel, you’ll want to find out why. Perhaps they were working with a faulty marketing strategy; maybe they need more training or support.

Weekly goals make it easier for managers to identify which team members are thriving and which ones might be struggling. Then you can adjust strategies, troubleshoot, train, or encourage as needed.

These are just a few examples of how your business can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to measure and optimize your marketing efforts and help move leads through the funnel.

At OTT, Inc., we use our proven 5-step methodology to assess your organization’s needs and determine the right software solution to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about upgrading your CRM solution and improving your sales funnel success. Should you prefer to call, please call Eric Sheehan at 651.262.2622.

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