Improve the Usability of Dynamics 365 Sales for Professional Services Firms with Power BI

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If you’re already using the dashboards provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, you may not see the need to use Microsoft Power BI as well. However, it can be an important tool to help professional services firms obtain better visibility on all the information they need, even data outside the CRM.

Dynamics 365 Sales dashboards only report on data found within your customer relationship management solution, but if you also want to consult information from outside the CRM, does it make sense to integrate all this data? Maybe not. That’s where embedded Power BI dashboards come in: Power BI lets you cross-reference information from virtually any database, letting you consult this information without having to bring it into the CRM first.

If you’re currently using your CRM for sales information and have another system to manage operations, you may also want to bring together the data stored in both systems For professional services firms, this could be what is coming up in the pipeline versus booked service hours, for example. The pipeline hours might come from the CRM and the booked hours from your ERP solution, but your sales team needs visibility on both to know what your bandwidth will look like over the next few months. While bringing operational information into the CRM may not make sense for your organization, the business development team may still need access to this information to make informed business decisions.

With embedded Power BI dashboards, Dynamics 365 Sales remains your main point of entry, allowing your users to access and find all the information they need from a centralized platform. Having all necessary details gathered in one place keeps things simple and user-friendly, increasing the likelihood that users embrace the change and adopt your new solution.

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