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Dynamics 365 data is stored in form of records. These can be exported offline in form of Reports, Word or Excel templates. In order to export the reports, word and excel templates there is a complex procedure in Dynamics 365. To ensure an ease in exporting these templates we have introduced a productivity app Click2Export.

Click2Export is a 1-Click app to export Report, Word and Excel templates. This makes it easy for a CRM user to keep an offline record of the files after they have been exported. There is different procedure for exporting all these templates. In this blog, let’s explore how the exporting of Excel templates is done.

Excel template is exported for an entire view. For instance, say a user wants to export templates for an individual record, then they can use report or word templates. However, if they want to export an excel template, it has to be done for an entire view.

For any of these exported excel templates there are two actions applicable to these files. They are attach to an email and download for offline consumption. For the exported files these actions can be applied, however if the user exports Report or Word Templates other actions such as attach to a note or upload to SharePoint is also applicable.

Users can also schedule reports for excel templates. This means that at a regular interval the excel template will be exported and attached to a mail and auto-sent. This saves a lot of time of exporting the reports and sending them at different intervals. This eliminates the overhead that the team has to go through.

Therefore, it is quite easy to export these files in the click of a button. In case you want to export excel templates too, Click2Export is the right fit for you. For a free demo of the app mail at crm@inogic.com.

In order to explore the solution download it for a free trial of 15 days from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

Happy Exporting!

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