The Key to Success in Choosing the Right CRM Partner For Your Dynamics 365 Purchase

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When speaking with a potential CRM partner, you may feel you know exactly what to ask. After all, you know what you want to achieve through the implementation, and you know the budget your company can work with. All too often though, companies end up with a CRM partner that doesn’t deliver on their expectations, even though they felt confident in their ability to choose a qualified partner. How can you avoid that outcome and find the right partner for your company?

By asking the right questions from the start.

What do we mean by “ask the right questions”?  Organizations often fail to ask the truly important questions to their potential CRM partners, questions that can give valuable insight into whether they are a good fit. The fact is, every partner is ready for the common questions. Questions about costs, experience, and implementation methodology are simple and commonplace. Partners have plenty of experience answering those questions- and making the answers sound good. But deeper questions that force partners to think will uncover far more about their business practices and commitment to client success.

A great technology partner, one that is going to deliver on your goals and expectations, will welcome the tough questions. They will be eager to share with you what makes them unique. They will engage the services team to help provide you with complete, honest responses. So what are some of these tough questions?

You aren’t left to guess. 18 industry experts have contributed their insights and ideas to give you a list of 9 questions to ask your potential CRM partner. These questions can be the key to finding the perfect partner for your company. In addition, you will find warning signs to watch out for so you know when to start running in the other direction.

It is true, choosing the right CRM partner isn’t easy, but it can be done. To find the questions you should be asking, download the eBook “9 Questions Nobody Asks Their CRM Partner... But Should” at

Then check our directory of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners specializing in CRM to find the right partner to start the conversation.

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    A series of exclusive productivity tools across sales, marketing, and customer service can enhance the way you do business. Dynamics CRM’s unique ability to extend and scale, allows companies to choose the right solutions for them, according to their needs and means.

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