Now visualize Business Process Flow in the form of Kanban Board and categorize rows for better data clarity in Dynamics 365 CRM & PowerApps

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Kanban Board

Growth of an organization depends upon the collective effort put together by all the departments; be it Sales, Marketing, Finance or Accounts. This effort includes pursuing each and every business process diligently and maintaining decorum while doing it. In order to pursue these processes, one needs to know about it and understand it. Once it is done, all you have to do is prioritize the work and follow the processes to the T.

Kanban Board – our latest visualization tool which provides Kanban like view of Dynamics 365 CRM records has recently released two new features which will help you achieve the above feat effortlessly. These new features are as follows:

  • Business Process Flow
  • Row Grouping

Business Process Flow (BPF)

This new feature will provide you simplistic view of business processes. It will organize and categorize the records of an entity as per the Business Process Flow stages of that entity in a Kanban View. For example, let’s say you have enabled BPF function for Opportunity entity. Now, the records will be organized in Kanban view according to the BPF associated with Opportunity entity in Dynamics 365 CRM and lanes would be categorized by the BPF stages i.e. Qualify – Develop – Propose – Close. You will get a clear view of how many of your records are in which stage of business process and accordingly you can come up with action plan to close all the pending deals.

visualize Business Process Flow in the form of Kanban Board

Row Grouping

Initially, in Kanban Board records were categorized in lanes but now you can categorize the records in rows also. With this added feature, you can easily group records in a row based on any field value which will further help you to take stock of the situation, make plans and implement actions accordingly. For example, if you enable this feature for Case entity on the basis of Priority attribute, then you will get the Kanban View of all records in case entity grouped in row on the basis of priority – High, Normal and Low. Further, you can also drag and drop these records from one row to another and update its status. This grouping will give you clarity about the tasks that needs your immediate attention and help you to take actions accordingly.

visualize Business Process Flow in the form of Kanban Board

You can explore these new features by downloading the solution from our website for a trial period of 15 days.

If you have any doubts or want to give suggestions about our product then feel free to mail us at

Until then - Stay safe, Stay healthy!

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