Finance Professionals, Don’t Miss the Online GFOA Conference

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The Annual GFOA Conference for Finance Professionals Goes Virtual for 2020


Each year, some of the most accomplished professionals from a range of financial management companies come together for the annual Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) conference.


If you’ve had a chance to attend a GFOA conference in the past, you know what a valuable experience it can be. With leading experts sharing research, networking, and taking part in training opportunities, participating in GFOA is an opportunity that finance professionals don’t want to miss.


This year marks GFOA’s 114th annual conference. But as we all know, in-person conferences around the country have been cancelled in the wake of the Coronavirus.


There’s good news, however: the GFOA conference is going to be held virtually! No matter where you’re located in the country, participating in this year’s conference is as simple as registering and logging on via your laptop or mobile device.


What’s New at the 2020 GFOA Conference


In addition to the annual GFOA business meeting, the 2020 conference will feature more than 40 informative sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, receiving answers from expert presenters. Sessions will cover a range of subjects relevant for governments and agencies working with various CRM software and CRM solutions, including data management and cloud technology.


Despite the conference being virtual, participants can also engage with sponsors and exhibitors as they would at an in-person conference. Attendees will also have access to recordings of the sessions, making it easy to go back and review a session that you may have missed.


Register Now for the 2020 GFOA Virtual Conference


This year’s GFOA conference kicks off on May 18th, with sessions scheduled all the way through June 26th.


If you registered for the in-person conference which was set to take place in New Orleans, you can simply transfer your registration over to the virtual conference.


If you haven’t yet registered for the conference, there’s still time: click here to register now. Act quickly, though, as the deadline is May 17th.


Attending the GFOA Virtual Conference


In terms of attending this year’s virtual conference, there are a few things to keep in mind.


When it comes to technical requirements, the only thing you need is an internet connection. If you want to confirm that your browser is working beforehand, you can head to the GFOA website before the session you plan to attend and use the test link on the homepage.


After you’ve completed your registration and picked the sessions you plan to attend, you’ll be ready for the annual business meeting on May 18th and the keynote panel that will follow. From there, it’s simply a matter of tuning in for each session that you’ve selected.


Remember that even though the conference isn’t taking place in-person, you can still connect with other participants virtually via live polls, Q&A sessions, online chat, the GFOA conference mobile app, and social media. There will be weekly ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions, too, along with a virtual exhibition hall for engaging with vendors.


Lastly, don’t forget that attendees will have access to recordings of all of the sessions once the conference comes to a close.


An Opportunity for Professional Growth in the Face of Social Distancing


There’s no question that 2020 has proven to be a challenging year in many ways. But despite the hurdles presented by social distancing requirements, there are still opportunities for government and agency employees to learn, grow, and network -- and the 2020 GFOA Virtual Conference is one of them.


The team at AKA is determined to utilize this time to continue building our professional capacities and knowledgebase, and we’re excited to be participating in this year’s GFOA Virtual Conference. We look forward to seeing you there! If your small or large government or agency has questions or IT needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have years of experience working with partners in the public sector, and we’re here if you need us.


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