Dynamics 365 Enhanced Filtering is Here!

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Aaron Back, Microsoft MVP

Before we get started...

In my prior post, I highlighted the Dynamics 365 enhanced filtering capabilities coming in the Wave 1 2020 update. So, check out that post. Then, keep reading this post as we will dive into more details.

Additionally, you will need to have the Wave 1 2020 update applied. If you haven't done this, please review this documentation on how to apply the update. Also, be sure you apply this to a Test/Sandbox environment before applying to a Production environment.

The Filtering Face-Lift

In prior version of Dynamics 365 Unified Interface, the filtering was limited for the views. So, this caused frustration with users who needed an easy experience. Now, the new updates provide a better filtering experience.

In our example, we will be using the Leads area of Dynamics 365. Below is a list of "All Leads" listed in our demo system.


All Leads list


Now, by choosing the filter option on the "Created On" column, for example, you will see more options to choose.

Filter options for dates


Also, you can choose options where fields are a drop-down list.

Filter options for drop-down lists

Additionally, you can filter on more than one column. For example, you can filter on the "Created On" field and the "Status Reason". This list is showing leads created this year with a status of "New". Also, note the filter icon next to the column headers.

Leads filtered by date and status

Advanced Filtering

The above options are great for simple filtering. However, what if you need more complex filtering? Well, there are options for that too.

Next to the "Search this view" field is a small filter icon. This will open an advanced filtering panel.

Advanced filtering icon


For those of you used to using the "Advanced Find" option, this new panel will be somewhat familiar. Below is a simple example of this panel.

Advanced filter panel


After applying the filter, there are two indicators that advanced filtering has been applied. First, there is an asterisk next to the view name. Second, there is a "clear filters" icon.

Advanced filter panel - indicator icons

Create Personal View From Filtered List

Yes, you read that correctly! You can create a personal view from a filtered list. And, it's easy to do!

Now, with your filtered list visible, click the 3 dots on the command bar. Next, choose the arrow next to "Create view".

Create saved view from filter navigation


Finally, click the "Save filters as new view" button. Why this button is hidden, I don't know.

Create saved view from filter button


A pop-up window will appear where you edit the "Name" and "Description".

Save view from filter options


After clicking "Save", the screen will refresh and display the newly created view.

Saved view created from filters


Finally, your newly created personal view will appear under "My Views" in the drop-down list.

Saved personal view in drop-down

In Closing...

The new Dynamics 365 enhanced filtering makes the experience easier. The advanced filtering is simpler to use than the classic "Advanced Find" window.

Please note, the "Advanced Find" button did NOT disappear. This is still available. So, for those of you who are used to using this option, you can breathe a sigh of relief.


Advanced find icon still available


If you still have questions on any of this, ACE Microtechnology is here to assist in your journey. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help.

Aaron Back is a Microsoft MVP with many years' experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), Power Apps, Power Automate (Flow), and Power BI. He is actively involved with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 UG (D365UG) (User Group) Community. His involvement includes: Serving as Chapter Leader for his local D365UG Chapter, serving on the D365UG Board of Advisors, and speaking at the annual D365UG Summit conference.

ACE Microtechnology, Inc. is a professional services firm committed to delivering Dynamics 365 (CRM) business solutions to small and medium sized organizations. Our focus is on delivering products and services that improve our clients’ business operations. ACE has developed specialties in serving the lite manufacturing, distribution and the hospitality industry.

Rather than just building technology or implementing software, we deliver real business value through industry knowledge and understanding each client’s business. We make it our business to know your business.

For more information or assistance with Dynamics 365 (CRM) contact ACE!

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