Automate cloning of multiple copies of Dynamics 365 CRM Record in 1 click – Popular feature voted in Poll during our Webinar Series!

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As the world is forced to stay indoors and is maintaining social distancing, we as a community should strive hard to make the best out of this difficult situation. Inogic, to contribute to the Dynamics community, has come up with a webinar series that will help in understanding various Dynamics 365 CRM concepts and applications. And thanks to our generous community, the webinars have been a huge success.

Our webinars are providing insights into the various features of our Dynamics 365 CRM apps and how they help you to be more productive. One of the webinars that had the maximum number of attendees was on our Click2Clone app (Preferred App on AppSource). As the name suggests, this apps clones Dynamics 365 CRM records in just one click along with related records. And with each passing year every new feature of Click2Clone brought by Inogic has increased the productivity and efficiency of Dynamics 365 CRM users.

According to a poll conducted by Inogic during webinar, one of the most liked and important feature of Click2Clone is ‘Cloning Multiple Copies’ which is one of the new features of the application. In this blog, we will walk you through this new feature of Click2Clone solution.

  • Clone Multiple Copies in a single click
  • Automate Cloning of Multiple Copies.

Clone Multiple Copies in a single click

This latest feature of Click2Clone enables you to create multiple copies of any given record at one go. Earlier, you were able to create just one copy of a record but now you can save time and effort by creating multiple copies of records as per your requirement. All you have to do is to duly fill the required fields while configuring templates to clone records and you can create as many copies as you want.

multiple copies of Dynamics 365 CRM Record

multiple copies of Dynamics 365 CRM Record

Image info: Purple Box is for the source record and Green Box is for the multiple copies created.

Automate Cloning of Multiple Copies

This is an extension to the above feature. Using this you can automate the task of creating multiple copies. Let’s take an example of Opportunity entity. Here, you have a field called Create X Copies and whenever the Opportunity is Won based on the value in the aforementioned field you need to create those many copies of the Opportunity automatically. This is where our feature comes in.

All you have to do is create a workflow on Status Change of Opportunity, use our assembly, choose the Click2Clone Template you’d want the process to follow and add Create X Copies field in the parameter. Just like that you can easily create multiple copies as per your requirement.

multiple copies of Dynamics 365 CRM Record

With these new amazing features, be it office or home, you can manoeuvre your day-to-day CRM activities with ease.  In this hard time, we just want to lessen your burden with these small and effective features of our most popular productivity app – Click2Clone.

Reduce your stress of repetitive data entry and download Click2Clone now from our Website or Microsoft AppSource. With the free trial, experience the seamless cloning of records yourself.

To register for our webinar series, click here. We also have provided video links to our concluded webinars. Click here to watch them.

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