12 Reasons Banks Should Evaluate Crowe CRM for Banking, Especially Now

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I had intended to write about the 11 reasons banks should consider Crowe CRM for Banking. Then the pandemic hit and reason number 12 quickly became evident.

Crowe CRM for Banking powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers bank staff with the tools and information they need to efficiently deliver high-quality, personalized service - for all interactions across all channels and even under difficult and unprecedented circumstances.

Here are the top 12 reasons banks should evaluate Crowe CRM for Banking:

  1. Complete customer portraits

Integrating sales, marketing, and service processes allows managers and service teams to have, and share, complete customer information across departments, product lines, channels, or intermediaries.

Every team member who deals with a client will have a complete 360-degree view of their data, including profile, history, relationships, and records. Knowledge of your customer will improve your employees’ effectiveness and will inspire customer confidence.

  1. Employee productivity

Having more in-depth customer knowledge will improve your team’s interactions with your customers. They’ll be able to capitalize on key life events and schedule follow-up offerings. For example, did your customer mention his son’s High School graduation? How about asking if he’s in the market for college funding or a savings account for education?

  1. Workflow automation

Automated alerts and customizable workflows will help your bank reduce the time spent resolving customer inquiries. Automated workflow can also streamline processes for your customers who use your online facilities for standard banking or applying for a commercial line of credit.

  1. Business intelligence

Predictive analytics will help your bank understand your customers and expand their lifetime value to your organization.  Managers can check accounts, loans, and churn rate to see where customer loyalty can be encouraged. Anticipating events, such as the purchase of a house or car, a graduation, or a wedding, will allow your team to recommend the next best product or service.

  1. Activity management

Don’t miss chances. Quickly capturing call notes and scheduling follow-up activities will lead your employees to greater efficiency and more timely repeat contacts. This sort of proactive activity management increases revenue opportunities, accelerates lead conversion rates, and facilitates customer communication.

  1. Marketing

When you can accurately identify your target demographics, you can develop appropriate and effective marketing campaigns and customer interactions. Crowe CRM for Banking helps banks prioritize leads, track referrals, monitor social insights, and record every customer and employee interaction in one place, no matter where, when, or by whom it was initiated. 

  1. Network management

LinkedIn and other social media integrations can be used to build network connections, uncover new referral leads, and create additional contacts in CRM software without data re-entry.

  1. Lead management

Automate your lead management and sales qualification process in one central location. Convert incoming leads from email messages and use guided dialogs to streamline the qualification process.

  1. Compliance management

Regulatory and governmental changes can be automatically incorporated to ensure product and procedural compliance.

  1. Document management

You can store documents against any record in Crowe CRM for Banking and realize robust and secure document management capabilities across the bank.

  1. Familiar look and feel

Built on the familiar Microsoft platform, Crowe CRM for Banking provides a recognizable, easy to use interface, enabling your bank to deliver fast, effective service that builds customer trust and loyalty. Enhanced communication using familiar tools, such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word, helps to increase user adoption among your team and lower the cost of learning.

  1. Banking during the pandemic

Banks have scaled back retail operations to prevent exposure to the coronavirus. But they still need to maintain customer confidence that they are open for business despite the health-crisis restrictions. Bank customers still need to access their banking services through digital channels, and bank employees should always be able to service customer requests.

All this is possible with Crowe CRM for Banking.

For all the reasons listed above, Crowe CRM for Banking can act as your digital bank lobby allowing bank employees to interact with customers even when they can’t meet in person.

Bankers: Use Your CRM System as a Digital Lobby During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ready to learn more about Crowe CRM for Banking on Microsoft Dynamics 365? Let’s start the conversation. Contact our experts at Crowe.

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