Why Millennials Value the Collaboration Features in Microsoft Dynamics

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Social networking has shaped the way millennials share ideas, solve problems, and learn new skills. Rather than working alone, they understand an organization is made stronger through collaboration. With integrated tools featuring a familiar Office 365 experience, Microsoft Dynamics supports collaboration across the organization—from marketing and sales through production and service delivery. Notice some of the many ways this helps a business:

Collaborative Selling

Working with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics supports a rich coordinated selling approach. CRM information is shared to enable strategic conversations. Sharing and co-authoring sales documents allows experts from across the organization to actively participate in sales cycles. With files stored in one central location, the entire team has easy, consistent, and secure access to the latest documents.

Effective project collaboration

Microsoft’s modular, multi-channel applications like Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint allow project members to work together on all aspects of projects. Dashboards allow team members to monitor budgets, allocate resources, and make effective decisions with real-time insights. Project-related documents in SharePoint enable everyone to do their best work by unifying relationships, processes, and data.

Mixed reality collaboration

Microsoft Dynamics is at the forefront of the new age of collaboration. Remote Assist allows employees a world apart to share a real-time view to engage expert input, get hands-on training, or share visual experiences.

Logan Acton, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant at RSM, put it well when he said:

“Having grown up with the internet, millennials expect to be able to tailor their technology to fit their exact use cases. Users can customize forms in Dynamics 365 to show only the most pertinent information, and they can build out workspaces that show open tasks and relevant data.”

Millennials are extremely team-oriented and thrive off collaborating with colleagues. Tailoring an accounting system that functions how the people using it expect it to, creates an ideal environment, setting the company up for success.

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