Navigating and Troubleshooting the Outlook App in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

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What is the Outlook App for Microsoft Dynamics 365? 

The Outlook App allows users to track emails, tasks, appointments and contacts that are already created in Outlook to Microsoft Dynamics 365. It cuts out the need to navigate and log into additional programs to add records in Dynamics 365. This eliminates the manual process of re-entering data and saves a significant amount of time.

Here are 10 reasons to love the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Outlook App.

As you use this tool, here are nine key takeaways to help with navigation and troubleshooting.


Q1: How do I add the Outlook App to my mailbox?

A: Your mailbox must be configured for server-side synchronization by a Dynamics 365 System Administrator.  The mailbox must then be approved by the Office 365 Administrator.  The App can then be pushed out by your Dynamics Administrator to your Outlook or this can be added by clicking the settings icon and then selecting the option for Apps for Dynamics 365.

Q2: How is the layout different than the web client?

A: The Dynamics 365 App for Outlook can be navigated through Outlook as a lightweight application opened through an email or the ribbon.

Q3: How can I access commonly used functions quickly?

A: The Outlook App will appear side by side to the email.

Q4: How can I create a new record through the Outlook App 

A: The App offers a quick select toolbar with a plus (+) icon.  Choosing this will allow you to create a new record, such as contact, case, account, etc.

Q5: In the old Outlook Client I could access all of my Dynamics CRM environment directly through Outlook.  How do I do this through the new App? 

A: This functionality was removed from the Outlook App.  However, there are links to records and forms that can be access directly though the Outlook App by searching for the records.


Q6: What do I need to know before I start troubleshooting? 

A: Settings in Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge directly affect the Outlook App.  Issues affecting the Web Client will also affect the Outlook App. Errors directly related to Outlook App will show only when the Outlook App is opened.

Q7: What settings in Internet Explorer should I update? 

A: The Outlook App is directly linked to Internet Explorer settings and cached files.  The first step of troubleshooting the Dynamics 365 Outlook App should always be to clear your internet cache in Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge and to add your organization URL to your trusted sites and the Compatibility View Settings.  This is necessary even if you never use IE when accessing the web client.

Q8: Are there any settings on my computer I can check? 

A: Unlike the legacy Outlook Client, settings that affect the Outlook App are mostly housed in Dynamics 365 directly. 

Q9: What can I do to gather more information for my support team? 

A: Provide any error codes and logs provided through the Outlook App to your support team.  The support team can then reference the list of common issues affecting the Outlook App or open a case with Microsoft directly.

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By Uma Kaliaperumal, Crowe, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner,

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