The Ultimate Strategy Guide for Microsoft Dynamics and Marketing Automation

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Want to make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics and marketing automation platform integration? You'll need a strategy that considers data, execution, and integration points first.

One of the things we love most about Microsoft Dynamics is how customizable the solution is for sales and marketing departments. It's flexible enough to match up with just about any customer journey, and the ability to create custom data points makes it an ideal CRM for marketers looking to build hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.

All of that customization, however, can lead to data paralysis on the marketing side--with so much available data, setting automated nurture campaigns can feel like an overwhelming task. Layer in that marketing often gets left out of the CRM conversation, and building out a true strategy for leveraging Microsoft Dynamics with any marketing automation platform can be troublesome.

We've worked with marketers across countless industries leveraging dozens of different marketing automation platforms, including our own (the emfluence Marketing Platform). Based on those conversations, we've put together a guide designed to help marketers better leverage Microsoft Dynamics with their marketing automation platform.

In this guide, we've included tips for marketers who would like to better communicate with their CRM stakeholders and step-by-step guides on building seven of the best-performing automated marketing campaigns for marketers leveraging Microsoft Dynamics.

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