Crowe Releases Free Pandemic Response App

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In our conversations with clients in the last few weeks, it has become apparent that even the best equipped organizations need better data and tools for an efficient response to the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crowe has been working around the clock to release a free Pandemic Response app to help organizations manage the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic. Get the app for free.

Crowe has released the Pandemic Response app in response to the changing workplace scenario that requires much better organization and data management. It gives you the ability to centralize data, decisions, and procedures in one tool.

Critical questions facing all organizations 

Questions are coming at us from all angles, and the answers seem to change daily. We need a better way to assess risks and prioritize our responses. These are some of the essential questions your business must answer:

  • What mandates and closures are there in your jurisdiction that affect your employees, partners, customers, contractors, suppliers, and facilities?
  • Where are your employees? How are they affected by directives in their jurisdictions? Are any exempt? What proof of exemption do they need for safe passage?
  • How are your employees coping? What do they need from you to stay safe and remain productive?
  • Who in your organization has been exposed or has contracted the virus?
  • Are you in compliance with applicable regulations? What do you need to report to state, local, and federal government health departments?
  • How is the pandemic affecting your business? How do you need to adapt workforce policies and procedures, supply chains, practices, and customer relationships?

A place to coordinate your data, decisions, and procedures 

Of course, the information is out there somewhere but searching, gathering, and interpreting it within the context of your business requires a lot of time and resources. You need a tool that can

collect external data about government mandates, closures, virus cases, etc., and correlate it with internal data about your employees, vendors, customers, products, and facilities. The Crowe Pandemic Response app does that.

Increase visibility with centralized, correlated data

Crowe Pandemic Response app mines your data sources and assembles the information you need to identify emerging risks, adapt your business, comply with regulations, and, more importantly, care for your employees.

Improve efficiency 

Save valuable time spent figuring out how to manage your response. With data in one place, you'll be able to make timely, intelligent decisions when it comes to interacting with your workforce, clients, vendors, customers, healthcare organizations, and governmental agencies.

Prioritize response 

By correlating internal and external information, you'll understand risks as they emerge and change. You'll be able to identify high-priority concerns related to employee health, workforce management, and other operational matters.

Coordinate actions 

Having everyone , no matter where they are,in the loop when it comes to communicating, supporting initiatives, managing exposure, etc., is vital given the new working environment. It’s imperative that you stay on top of your business and be aware of changing concerns.

The Crowe Pandemic Response app is rapidly evolving to meet emerging needs. While we will continue to monitor the situation and update as needed, currently, features include:

Jurisdiction management and mandate tracking

  • Jurisdictions

Track relevant jurisdictions and data required to assess risks and make intelligent decisions about employees, vendors, customers, and facilities. Domains may include regions, countries, states, territories, cities, and counties. Pandemic data includes updated total and active cases, recoveries, and fatalities.

  • Responses and mandates

Track closures, shelter-in-place directives, economic actions, policy changes, and other directives, decrees,  and orders as they apply across various jurisdictions.

  • Contacts 

Identify employees, vendors, customers, and anyone else associated with your organization that you need to track and support during the pandemic.

  • Exposure sites

Trace contacts of people known or suspected to have been exposed.

Personnel support and special authorizations

  • Personnel self-assessment

Gather information from employees concerning their location, remote office requirements, work schedule adjustments, safety concerns, exposure status, diagnosis status, wellness, etc. Create a case and manage related actions if their answers require additional support or exposure management.

  • Case management

Automatic review of data and triggering of follow-up actions when support, response, or adjustments are indicated.

  • Support actions 

Create and track steps required to support your employees in their new work environments. Support may include equipment, money, tangible goods, or emotional support. You can follow the entire workflow of a response from approval, delivery, through recovery of an employee, insurance, governmental programs, etc.

  • Essential personnel authorizations

Manage requests, approvals, and communication workflows for employees or contractors that need authorization to leave their shelter-in-place to perform essential functions.

Exposure management and contact tracing

  • Exposure management

Track exposed persons throughout their exposure or illness, and identify necessary exposure actions such as reporting, communication, facility cleaning, and facility closures.

  • Exposure actions

Track, approve, assign, and confirm actions associated with presumed or confirmed exposure, including notifications, facility closures, cleaning, etc.

Crowe Pandemic Response app is built for the unique complications that come with running a business under the restrictions of COVID-19.  We want to help you be better equipped to manage your organization's response to the pandemic.

The app is powered by the RSA Archer® Suite and is augmented with data visualization using Tableau. You do not need to be an existing RSA Archer Suite or Tableau customer to use the free app.

We're committed to serving our clients in this volatile environment.

Contact our experts at Crowe to discuss the free Crowe Pandemic Response app.

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe,

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