Connecting Software won "Top 10 Blockchain Solution Provider 2020"

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Connecting Software is proud to have been selected as "Top 10 Blockchain Solution Provider" by Enterprise Security Magazine.

The award follows the launch in the last quarter of the company's Blockchain-based digital seal solutions.

The award-winning digital seal solutions

Both CB Digital Seal for SharePoint and CB Digital Seal allow you to seal your documents digitally. These solutions use Blockchain technology to seal the documents. The distributed ledger technology guarantees all sealed files are tamperproof

The key idea is that you and other stakeholders can trust the data you have. After all, you know there is no way someone could have made any changes after the timestamped digital seal. 

Having trustworthy documents and files helps companies be ready for their internal or external audits and accelerates business data compliance in a fast and cost-effective way. 

CB Digital Seal for SharePoint is specific to Microsoft SharePoint, while the more generic CB Digital Seal with Blockchain Technology that can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, other CRM solutions, or even other types of software.Thomas Berndorfer - Connecting Software

About the award, Thomas Berndorfer, Connecting Software's CEO, says "Receiving such an award is very encouraging. I am very proud of our team for making this come true!".




Connecting Software Top Blockchain Solution Provider 2020


Top Blockchain Solution Provider

Enterprise Security Magazine, both in the printed and online versions, features a full article on this award, as well as on CB Digital Seal and CB Digital Seal for SharePoint. We can read it all here to make sure you also have the inside scoop. You can also check out an article that is right here, on the CRMSoftwareBlog, about this digital seal solution in an industrial setting.

If you would like to see for yourself what CB Digital Seal with Blockchain technology can do for you, the best starting point is talking to our experts. They will be glad to provide you with a free demo or answer any questions you might have. Call us at +1 (720)-577-3030!



Ana Neto - Connecting Software

By Ana Neto, Connecting Software

Connecting Software is a 15-year-old company. It produces software for synchronization, migration and integration. Currently with 40 employees, Connecting Software is a truly global company. It spreads through 4 different countries: United States, Austria, Slovakia and Portugal.

We are also a proud "Top Member 2019" at CRMSoftwareBlog.

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