Click2Undo – Your own exclusive ‘Ctrl+Z’ to undo changes in Dynamics 365 CRM records

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Dynamics 365 CRM is a system that deals with huge amount of data on a daily basis. The end users are constantly updating data during which mistakes tend to happen and data is altered. Since there is a bulk of data to be handled in CRM, the administrators and IT department are under constant burden to manage the data and keep its backup to restore the alteration in data to its last known state in case it is required.

To enable this, we have come up with a powerful productivity app that will make restoring the last known state of data for a Dynamics 365 CRM user possible for both OOB and custom entities in an easy to use interface. This takes the burden off from end users and prevents data loss that may be caused due to alteration in data.

Click2Undo not just lets you undo Dynamics 365 CRM record changes easily, but fully automates the process with the click of a button. With Click2Undo, the data integrity can be maintained and the biggest business use case of undoing changes done in data can be undone or last known state of data can be restored.

Let’s understand how Click2Undo will be a great time saving tool for Dynamics 365 CRM users. Below is the data that can be restored with the help of Click2Undo:


With Click2Undo changes done in a record can be undone with the help of undo feature. This gives users the liberty to perform their tasks more freely without the worry of losing last known state of data in case a business requirement arises which requires them to restore last known state.

Undo changes in multiple records

Many times there are changes made in multiple records. With the help of Click2Undo the changes in multiple records can be undone and the records can be quickly restored to their last known state. Thus, at any given moment, the managers or users can easily undo the changes in multiple records without hassle.

Restore changes done in the past

Click2Undo allows the users to restore those changes that were done in the past in a record. For instance, let’s say changes were done in a record few days ago and now you want to undo those changes. In such case, with the help of undo button, the record will be restored back to its previous known state.

Restore deleted record

With the help of Click2Undo, restore Dynamics 365 CRM record that had been deleted due to some business requirement or by mistake easily.

Restore bulk deleted records

Bulk deletion jobs are used to delete the records in bulk which are not needed anymore. But what if by mistakenly the condition of Bulk Deletion Job is configured such that it ends up deleting important records? In such case you can make use of Restore Bulk Deleted records and reinstate those important deleted records.

Thus, you have seen how with the help of Click2Undo this nearly impossible task of restoring data or deleted records is made possible.

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