Integration Between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint

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Microsoft has provided the best business solutions to organizational document sharing and team collaboration through the introduction of SharePoint. As the name suggests, it is a web-based document sharing system that provides exceptional security and the option of customization for its users. It has a built-in Office 365 integration that makes the entire model unique and credible by ensuring that the access of classified documents is only shared with the right people.

Why SharePoint?

SharePoint is the “Enterprise Favorite” amongst the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration series. With the innovation of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has provided a variety of sub-products and Apps to facilitate most of the business requirements. Document management is one of the most critical tasks for a business. Foreseeing this, Microsoft created a service that incorporates all business necessities by integrating SharePoint and Dynamics 365. The motto is to give users the best of both worlds!

Dynamics 365 and SharePoint

Dynamics 365 can process document sharing and storage without the integration of SharePoint as well. It copes quite well as it is very stress-free to attach documents directly into Dynamics 365.  It is a faster process without involving and configuration. All you need to do is tick the “notes” on the form, and you are good to go.  Dynamics 365 is more straightforward software. It is user friendly and easier to navigate. This makes it easier to use without any professional help. However, there are certain limitations in using it alone without SharePoint. The storage space is compromised because it is designed to save files directly into the Dynamic 365’s database. This can provide issues related to cost as Dynamics 365 storage is much more expensive than SharePoint storage. It also hinders the possibility of collaboration by not offering any function that enables one to check in and check out. It also hinders work processes and document sharing as it has a size limit on documents. It is not able to attach documents that are over 5MB without being on the premises. And that too is limited because the overall capacity of the software is not very impressive. It can attach files that are over 9 MB. This can become a significant limitation for larger organizations. It also does not provide access to sharing documents and work-related files with non-dynamic users. This makes it impossible to share documents with customers and resellers who do not use Dynamic 365. The search engine installed in the program is inefficient. One cannot find a specific document if they are unaware of the entity it was attached to. This hinders its search functionality. All these issues are frustrating for large organizations. Projects that adopt Dynamics 365 and are smaller in nature and may not need efficient document management. If your company seeks exceptional document sharing and incomparable document management solutions without any precincts, SharePoint is what you are looking for.

Benefits of SharePoint Integration

There are a lot of benefits of using SharePoint integration. Yes, indeed, documents can still be attached without SharePoint, but the management is not the best. SharePoint integration has created a great opportunity for users that help in the management of files remarkably large in size and accelerates document sharing without any limitations.

  1. Storage Made Easy

The primary reason for the creation of SharePoint was to store essential documents; therefore, its database is specially designed to cater to a massive number of file uploads. It is undoubtedly, more efficient and less costly as compared to Dynamics 365. Purchasing additional storage space in SharePoint is also cheaper than buying extra storage place in Dynamics 365.

  1. Integration All the Way

Another fantastic thing about SharePoint is that it enables the users to integrate documents uploaded on Dynamic 365 with SharePoint. Users can edit, create, and share files directly from Dynamics 365. It speeds up processes and saves time as documents that are already present on Dynamic 365 can be accessed through SharePoint without duplicating the uploading process.

  1. Document Security

SharePoint has a very sound security model. Only the people who have access to the entity on which the document is uploaded can view the file. This helps in keeping confidential information safe and gives you control to give viewing permissions to authorized personnel.

  1. Document Sharing- Out-of-the-box

SharePoint also enables document sharing with their stakeholders easy and possible. With its out-of-the-box check in/check out functionality, multiple users can edit and update documents without having to worry about overwriting changes made by other people!

  1. Hefty Attachments

SharePoint does not have the limitations that we discussed when it comes MB size limit! Unlike Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint allows for a maximum limit of 50 MB per document. Furthermore, SharePoint’s maximum upload size is subject to configuration!

  1. Document Version History

SharePoint gives its users more power and control in terms of document management. It allows users to view the version history of each document (out of the box). The user can track when a document was created, when it was edited, who edited or created it, what part was edited, etc. That is some real power there!

SharePoint Integration with Dynamics 365 indeed empowers organizations to achieve much more than they can do independently. It simplifies processes and adds functionalities that allow more time-efficient and cost-effective utilization of resources overall! It is safe to say that Microsoft SharePoint integration is the most popular and relevant integration for any company using Dynamics 365!

For any business, documentation, files, data are like key ingredients! They make the business! Therefore, integrating SharePoint with Dynamics 365 is essential for all businesses! It not only allows for excellent and secure document management, sharing, and collaboration; it also empowers the organization to achieve higher productivity with efficient tools.

Furthermore, there is much in-store for SharePoint as technological advancements unveil in the coming years. Microsoft is known to surprise its users with new features and functionality every now and then! Keeping that in mind, we can surely assume that SharePoint and Dynamics 365 integration, much like all other Microsoft technologies, will further evolve and become more efficient than its version today! Let the future unravel!

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  1. I agree that that the Microsoft SharePoint integration is the most popular and relevant integration for companies using Dynamics 365. There are many advantages as you mention!

    But companies need to be aware that Dynamics 365 privileges are not replicated over to SharePoint. This means any document can be viewed on the SharePoint side, by any user. Have a look at the CRMSoftwareBlog article "What About Security between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint?"

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