How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can Support Remote Work

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With social-distancing measures enforced across the world, many organizations are scrambling to keep their operations running while their employees are now working remotely. Luckily, Microsoft offers multiple tools that can keep your employees connected no matter where they’re located. A cloud-based customer relationship management platform such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and the Microsoft Office 365 suite of online productivity tools provide most of what you need to keep your operations going even when your team is scattered.


So how can Microsoft Dynamics products help?


  • Cloud-based access: A cloud-based solution like Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or Microsoft Office can be implemented, configured and accessed remotely. As access and settings are user-based, they are not linked to any specific workstation. In fact, they’re designed to be used from any device, including smartphones and tablets, while providing the same level of functionality. This makes cloud solutions especially relevant for organizations that have employees on the road or working remotely, as is the case for most businesses currently.


  • Mobility and accessibility: Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is designed to keep your operations mobile and accessible. It stores and connects all your contacts, clients and accounts, allowing you to manage sales, marketing and customer service from a single platform. The integration to other Microsoft products such as Office 365 also lets your employees keep in touch with each other, while improving collaboration, communication and productivity across your organization, no matter where users are located.


  • Streamlined processes: Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement gathers together all your client details and activities, for example orders and invoices, so that they can be accessed from anywhere. This means you can do away with your Excel spreadsheets and paper documents, and have all the information you need without having to retrieve it in person. Online portals are also at your disposal to connect with your clients and employees, while workflows streamline and standardize your processes to facilitate the handling of approvals and service calls, for example.


As flexible, collaborative tools, CRM solutions are usually designed with remote access in mind. The tools needed to support your operations while your employees work from home are there, and the implementation can be performed remotely as well. With different modules and packages available, you can also identify priorities and choose the products that would best meet your most pressing needs. For more information as to how you can support your operations remotely, contact JOVACO.


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