Best Of the April 2020 Power Apps And Dynamics 365 Update Webinar

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Microsoft’s dedication to making Dynamics 365 better is evident in the 2020 April Update. Microsoft has listened to users’  input and improved Dynamics 365 with a goal of increasing productivity.  Early access for most features started in February 2020 and will be generally available in April 2020. Remember, not all features are released at once. They will be released from April 2020 through September 2020. In our Dynamics 365 Update Webinar, we highlight some of the new features to be excited about!


Brian Begley, owner of enCloud9 and, began our monthly webinar by giving some general highlights of the April 2020 release. Brian discussed some activity timeline and general improvements to Dynamics 365. Some of the things we will see here are:

  • Better filtering in timelines.
  • Enhanced email function in Dynamics 365.
  • Rich text notes.

One of the biggest non-user experience change is Team Member license enforcement. These licenses, while restricted on paper, had no real security mechanism behind them to enforce the restriction. Well with the April Update, its time to review your licenses, make sure that you are compliant, because come June 2020, you don’t want to be in for a big surprise. To learn more, visit our blog.

Brian then gave a couple specific sales improvements that he is excited about.  One of these improvements is Kanban boards. Kanban boards allows opportunities and activities to be viewed in a grid-like view.  You can easily move opportunities to different stages in the sales process by simply dragging and dropping. We will also see some enhancements to sales forecasting. Brian demonstrated some of these enhancements as showed us the sample sales forecast he built. A basic sales forecast can be built in approximately 10 minutes.

Brian then discussed some specific customer service improvements we will experience. We will see an improved knowledgebase search and creation, as well as the ability to customize the close case forms. We will also see better queue management, as is will take fewer clicks to see details.

Brian then showed us how easy it is to update your environment. He stressed that once you’ve updated, you can’t go back. Brian recommended testing your customizations first in your sandbox environment before putting them into production. Some great resources from Microsoft were given. These resources are included in our PowerPoint presentation.


In addition to our April 2020 Dynamics 365 Update Webinar, you might want to check out a few blogs that we’ve written recently – 5 New Features to be Excited About in the April 2020 Dynamics 365 UpdateDynamics 365 Team Member Enforcement – A WalkthroughAn Overview of the 2020 Dynamics 365 Release Wave 1, and 2020 Power Platform Release Wave: An Overview.  For more great resources, download our PowerPoint presentation.

Join our April webinar as we take a deep dive into one of the upcoming updates coming to Dynamics 365: Sales Forecasting. We’ll be discussing creating forecasts, how forecasts differ from goals, and reporting tools available for forecasting. Don’t miss April 2020 New Feature Deep Dive: Sales Forecasting. Register for our April Webinar below.

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If you have any questions on the new features in Dynamics 365 or if we can help you with any of your Dynamics 365 needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. is a recognized expert in helping organizations like yours to get the most out of their Dynamics 365 system.

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