3 Reasons to Start Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator & D365 for Sales

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3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an Amazing Sales Tool

While many of our clients are familiar with some of LinkedIn’s key features, we often find that they haven’t heard of a key sales tool: LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This application is amazing for sales teams, as it can both help with prospecting leads and maintaining relationships with existing customers. Below, we’ll look at the 3 things that make LinkedIn Sales Navigator such a powerful tool for businesses.


What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides users with additional insights into how they’re socially connected on LinkedIn, offering advanced searching and tracking capabilities. With the ability to save individual contacts or accounts, compile contact lists, and share those lists with other members of your team, Sales Navigator is hugely beneficial for sales teams.


How Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Better than Just Using LinkedIn?

Sales Navigator comes with its own interface, providing you with a customized homepage that includes all of the data you need. All of your leads and accounts are organized and easily accessible. Sales Navigator also alerts you to opportunities, helping you identify new prospects.


Let’s look at 3 reasons why LinkedIn Sales Navigator is such a powerful selling tool.

1. Improved Sales Process 

Sales Navigator comes with a whole host of features that enhance the sales process, including:

  • Sales Preferences: As part of your profile, Sales Navigator allows you to save Sales Preferences, key combinations of attributes (such as geography, organization size, job title, and so on) that help you focus your sales efforts.
  • Custom Searches: By creating Custom Searches in Sales Navigator, you can ensure a dynamic, updated return of search data as your leads and accounts change over time.
  • Saved Lists: Save custom search lists and share them with other members of your team.
  • Sales Navigator Coach: This new feature ranks your current user level with Sales Navigator -- Beginner, Intermediate, Proficient, Advanced, or Expert -- and offers recommendations for how to expand your knowledge.
  • Social Selling Index (SSI): Using a formula that takes into account branding, relationship building, engagement with insights, and more, Sales Navigator provides organizations with a daily Social Selling Index (SSI) scoring tool that measures the relative success of sales efforts, both within the organization as well as organization-wide.


2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Integration

One of the most powerful aspects of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is its ability to easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.


Within the Dynamics platform, you can easily view insights imported directly from your Sales Navigator data. The combination of customer data gleaned from both Dynamics 365 CRM and Sales Navigator allows for deeper insights into your leads and customers, making it easier than ever to leverage data for improved sales opportunities.

3. Customer Success

While Sales Navigator is definitely a user-friendly tool, every new technology comes with a learning curve. In order to successfully adopt and integrate Sales Navigator into its sales process, an organization will need customer support when it comes to onboarding and rollout.

In our experience working with clients that have implemented Sales Navigator, we’ve found that the LinkedIn team goes above and beyond to ensure customer success, providing helpful, one-on-one training as needed. They engage in check-in calls during the rollout process, and even go so far as to follow up afterwards to solicit feedback on the user experience. It’s obvious that the Sales Navigator team is focused on both providing users with the support they need, as well as improving their product wherever possible.


Want to learn more about how LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help your sales team? Looking to harness the power of Dynamics 365 CRM to increase sales? Contact the CRM experts at AKA today.


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Article by: Alexis Bertrand | 212-502-3900

Alexis Bertrand is a CRM Consultant at AKA Enterprise Solutions. With profound knowledge of the technical details, she is able to assist developers by translating business requirements into solutions.

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