When Salesforce Falls Short, Turn to the Microsoft Power Platform

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Have a Problem that Salesforce Can’t Solve? Take a Look at the Microsoft Power Platform 

All successful financial services firms have one thing in common: a talented staff that works hard to keep their clientele satisfied. But no matter how talented your salespeople and account managers might be, other obstacles can get in the way. When a firm’s tech solutions break down, where can they turn?


When Small Issues Turn into Big Problems

Not long ago, an investment firm approached AKA Enterprise Solutions with precisely this sort of issue. Like many other hedge funds, this firm’s investment managers struggle to keep up with time consuming processes like reading and responding to emails. But as anyone in the investment world can tell you, these sorts of tedious tasks are essential to keeping clients happy.


In this case, the firm’s portfolio managers were having trouble staying on top of trade approval emails. And when trade approvals fall through the cracks, investors aren’t happy. What seems like a small issue -- missing an email -- can quickly turn into a big problem with a risk of regulatory fines.


The solution here was clear: the firm needed an easy to use, mobile friendly solution for approving trade requests. While this sounds straightforward, trying to program an app like this from scratch can actually be quite expensive and time consuming. At the time, the firm was using Salesforce in combination with a standard trade settlement platform, and didn’t want to switch to a new CRM solution. But there was no obvious way to create the custom solution they needed in Salesforce.


AKA to the Rescue 

Fortunately, the financial services team at AKA knew exactly what to do. Using the Microsoft Power Platform, we were able to design a Microsoft Power App that integrates seamlessly with both Salesforce and the firm’s existing trade settlement platform. By accessing reports in the firm’s cloud, the Power App can gather the necessary trade information associated with each individual portfolio manager, creating notifications to alert that manager when they need to approve a trade. Once the trade has been approved, the Power App automatically sends an email to compliance. This not only improves efficiency -- it also ensures that the firm is complying with regulatory requirements.


The best part? We managed to build this app in less than a day. There’s a reason they call it the Power Platform!


How Does the Microsoft Power Platform Work?

Does all of this sound too good to be true? How exactly does the Power Platform work?


The Power Platform is comprised of three separate tools: Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow). These tools are designed to help anyone build an app, manage their data, and improve the insights gained from that data -- all with minimal programming knowledge. While these tools can work independently, they’re extremely powerful when combined.


Thanks to the fact that Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate are built on the Common Data Service for Apps (CDS), the Power Platform has access to a unified data schema, allowing for seamless integration with any service or application. This means easy integration with third party apps. And, of course, apps built with the Power Platform can easily integrate with Dynamics 365, Office 365, and other Microsoft products, too.


At the end of the day, businesses get the results they need without having to switch to an entirely new tech solution. Thanks to the ability to build Power Platform applications that ‘surround’ other apps, a business can stick with its existing CRM solution and still harness the power of Microsoft.


Can’t Build a Custom Solution in Your Existing CRM? Consider the Power Platform

This is one of many success stories here at AKA based around the Power Platform. Are you facing a challenge that your current tech solution can’t meet? With the Power Platform, you can eliminate costly, time consuming workarounds -- all without the need to switch to a new CRM.


Want to learn more? Contact the experts at AKA to discuss a proof of concept for your current challenge.


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Article by: Tom Berger | 212-502-3900

With 20+ years of field experience, Tom Berger is Vice President of Financial Services for AKA Enterprise Solutions.

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