6 Reasons why your Sales and Service reps must follow an optimized route on map

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Route Optimization

Maplytics has been growing seamlessly ever since its inception given its list of versatile features. Being a Preferred Solution on Microsoft AppSource, Maplytics is known as a powerful mapping app for Dynamics 365 and PowerApps. Its most prominent features Radius Search, Map Dynamics 365, Territory Management, Appointment Planning and Optimized Routing have driven Sales, Service and Marketing teams of organizations globally to top-notch business.

Optimized routing is one such feature that has helped Sales and Service reps be on time and meet the target diligently. With optimized routing, reps can follow the best route on map and perform to the top of their capability by generating maximum revenue for their organization. Following Optimized Route on maps proves to be a win-win situation for the reps and they are able to stretch beyond their capability.

Let’s understand how Optimized Routing with Maplytics proves to be of aid to the Sales and Service reps by redirection to Google Maps or  Waze App:

Following Cost-Effective Routes

Optimized routing helps in following routes with improved mileage and low fuel cost. This, when added together, happens to improve the cumulative effect and cost of travel thereby helping invest the money in other significant tasks that help grow the business.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Customers are met on-time and therefore, a greater deal of time can be spent with each customer leading to customer delight and a greater chance of converting new leads and gaining more business from existing ones.

Reduced Time in Planning Routes

Planning routes is a major part of travel for sales and service reps. However, when they are following optimized routes on map, Maplytics helps them create these routes automatically thereby reducing the planning time. This feature seems like a small benefit but when implemented, saves a huge chunk of time.

Meeting last-minute scheduling changes

As in any business while the sales and service reps are on field there are many last minute changes they need to call for. For example, rescheduling or cancellation of meetings. When such a scenario comes into existence, with optimized routing the rep is able to reschedule the route and meet updated appointments or meetings as per new timings in the best possible manner.

Better Appointment Planning

Since optimized routing means meeting all the waypoints in a streamlined manner, the meetings are met in an organized way by planning routes prior to the go. This means that there is improved appointment planning in advance and in case any appointment is canceled it can be met automatically.

More number of meetings met

With Optimized routing there is a greater capacity of Appointments met on the route given everything is pre-planned and the capability of meeting new appointments gets added to the route quickly.

We have seen how Optimized Routing can improve your business domain and bring in more business in comparatively lesser time. If you want to provide Optimized Routing or other features such as Area of Service, Heat Maps, Census Data Visualization, etc for your Dynamics 365 CRM users its time now to add Maplytics to your strategy and add credibility element for your clients and leads.

You can try Optimized Routing by downloading Maplytics for a free trial of 15 days from our Website or Microsoft AppSource!

For any query, suggestion or feedback reach out to us at crm@inogic.com

Happy Mapping!

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