[Whitepaper] The right RFP response tech and tactics to closing business with D365

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Can you think of a more critical step in your sales process than getting a customer to sign a quote? (If so, please tell us.)

How are you currently using the power of D365 in this critical part of your sales process, to help move someone from “proposal sent” to “proposal signed?”

Most businesses are using D365 to capture and store prospect and customer information, but when it comes time for building a quote, they typically import a spreadsheet or Word doc and pass that on to their customer. But...

There’s a better way to create and send sales quotes in D365.

Download a free whitepaper on best practices in RFP responses. You’ll learn what to say — and how and when to say it — along with what technology you can and should be using together with Dynamics to ensure every sales proposal you send has a better chance of being signed.

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