What’s Great about Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Unified Interface

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One of the beauties of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its versatility. That versatility is due in large part to Microsoft’s commitment to continue to expand, adding apps that allow modules to connect with one another and handle a variety of business processes. Dynamics 365 Unified Interface (UI) allows a seamless interaction across desktop, mobile, and Outlook.

Prepare for UI

Originally envisioned as the single client interface for all Dynamics 365 apps, UI is the default interface for the Outlook app, the Dynamics mobile app, and all the new Dynamics 365 modules.

Effective Oct. 2020, the Dynamics 365 legacy web client, along with its process dialogues and workflows, will be discontinued. Those organizations using the web client will transition to UI. Microsoft suggests you do that as soon as possible, as waiting until the last minute may prove troublesome. Be prepared and the transition will go smoothly.

Contact BroadPoint today, and we’ll help make sure your organization is prepared for the transition.

Benefit from UI

Since its release in 2017, many businesses have transitioned their Dynamics 365 legacy web client to UI and are enjoying the benefits of the new interface. As soon as your business transitions, you can experience these benefits too:


  • Improved Navigation: UI’s smaller, space-saving command bar can be customized with icons and colors. The site map, which was hidden in web client, is visible on the left-side navigation bar in UI. The site map is also customizable allowing users to control what they see at the app level for speedy transition between leads, opportunities, and accounts.  The area switcher allows users to toggle from one area to another, for instance, from sales to app settings, by clicking the appropriate icon.


  • Improved Forms: UI replaces sections with tabs, so users can quickly move to different areas within the form. The web client didn’t show how many sections the form contained, and scrolling was required to move throughout the form. With a single click in UI, users can move from overview to specific sections details without scrolling and while remaining in the same position on the screen.


  • Improved Business Process Flow: UI has less data density than the web client. The process flow is more compact and smoother. UI provides color and formatting options such as bullet points and icons. Additionally, lead fly-outs allow users to easily enter new lead information, which is immediately qualified as soon as it’s entered. Sales opportunities are easier to access. UI’s interactive dashboards are condensed to allow simultaneous visibility of more information and direct interaction with data.


  • Reactive Design: UI’s reactive design improves users’ ability to see where they are on a page. For instance, when you collapse the viewing pane from extra wide to wide to narrow, all your information automatically reflows to fit the smaller page. At its smallest size, UI stacks information on one page.


These are just a few of our favorite features of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s United Interface. If you are a Dynamics 365 user and want to prepare to transition from the web client to UI, now is the best time. Contact BroadPoint's experts and we'll help you through the process.

By BroadPoint, www.broadpoint.net

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