Top 5 Reasons to Select Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM)

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems are vital in today’s fast-paced business economy to utilize as much data possible to effectively manage ever increasingly complex sales processes and to access critical insights into an organizations’ customers buying trends. Modern CRM systems can help provide the necessary tools for a companies’ both prospects and customers to maximize sales processes, boost customer service levels and lead successful marketing campaigns.  Below we will explore the Top 5 Reasons to Select Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM) for your business.

  1. Greater Customer Insights:  From all of the activities associated with a customer such as phone calls, emails, opportunities, documents, appointments, tasks, notes, and more can all be contained in one system.  However, how this activity is being tracked is where you can realize the power of the CMR system.  Such as knowledge of opportunities and estimated days to close, emailed proposals activities and when to follow up, analytics into customer engagements and more. Getting a comprehensive timely view of your accounts is part of a key capability in Microsoft CRM.
  2. Seamless Integration to other Microsoft Applications: Frequently used Microsoft Business Applications are all connected to the Microsoft CRM system and provide endless possibilities for better communication and efficiencies.  Consider using Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook right from your CRM system to compose and respond to quotes, sends documents, ever share Power Point presentations all from one application.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales also integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central; ERP and CRM in one application.  Productivity soars and sales cycles decrease when you have the most commonly used business tools, under one system, that work together to respond to prospects and customers quickly.
  3. Feature-Rich Capabilities: With Microsoft Dynamics 365, users can experience robust CRM capabilities around Leads, Goals and Opportunity Management along with Account, Territory and Sales Process functionality within a user friendly and intuitive user interface-all designed to give you a clear view of your sales potentials. All the functionality is available from lead nurturing, closing and customer management to make the most of managing the sales process in an efficient manner.
  4. Robust Business Reporting: “Real-Time” Up-to-date business reporting is available across your organization with such configurable and critical information such as Sales Pipeline, Top Opportunities and Top Customers Dashboards. For even further insights into your business, Microsoft CRM also connects to Microsoft Power BI, a robust analytical solution that lets you visualize your data with stunning graphs and charts.
  5. Advanced Functionality:  In additional to Microsoft CRM’s robust features contain the ability to have even greater and advanced functionality such as business intelligence to point to “up-sell” suggestions based on historical data for your customers. Another example is Microsoft CRM's predictive intelligence that can target customers with the highest likelihood to buy. Prioritize leads through Leads Scoring and focus on your top opportunities. Modernize your sales with “social selling” by utilizing Linked Sales Navigator and get a warm introduction from a colleague and track targeted customer updates all within Dynamics 365.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Partner in Pennsylvania. 

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