CRM Systems are Sticky – Don’t Get Stuck!

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Once you implement a CRM system for your small business, it can be difficult to move on from it. Why? Because every business owner knows that change comes with a cost – and it’s often a price too high to pay. Here at P2 Automation, we plan for the future by building your CRM solution with endless flexibility, scalability, and upgradeability in mind.

How To Choose a CRM for Your Small Business

When choosing your CRM solution, ask yourself a series of questions to help guide you in your decision making process…

  1. How much training is needed to get started?
  2. What are the maintenance costs?
  3. If I need a custom feature, how much will it cost me to have it designed and integrated?
  4. How often is the system upgraded, and are those upgrades going to cause downtime for my team?
  5. Can I schedule upgrades or will I be surprised with new “enhancements”?

“Big Box” CRM systems like Dynamics 365,, and Zoho are like a grocery store. They offer tons of variety and ingredients that you can use to make anything that you want. But what happens when you’re simply not the world’s greatest “chef” – or even worse, if you can’t even fry an egg?

Here at P2 Automation, our CRM solutions are more like a restaurant. Whether we’re using Dynamics 365 or our own suite of P2xRM solutions, we still have all of the variety and ingredients of your grocery store solution, but we do all of the cooking. And we even provide you with costs ahead of time.

The business world moves fast, and you need something that can grow as your business grows, develop as you develop, and most importantly, change as you change.

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